Technical Support Specialists


Suport tehnicWe are always close to our customers after project completion and we ensure the operation of our solutions to the highest standards. Find out more about the team of technical support specialists.

We are concerned with the rapport built with our clients from the beginning to the end of the collaboration, and even further. Through our internal department consisting of technical support specialists, we aim to continue to help them also after delivering the solution developed.

The colleagues from the technical support department are those in charge of customer care, their activity being focused on the complaints received from clients and providing support for using Teamnet products or applications, and not only.

In addition to the client-oriented attitude, the team holds certifications as Oracle support specialists, ITIL experts and ITIL Foundation certifications. Thus, they can easily understand the technical issues of a particular situation and have the ability to quickly find effective solutions, constantly interacting with the applicant.

The team is ready to provide L1-type of support to end users requesting support in using the applications part of our products, among which: Emergency Situations, Record of employees, the Integrated Environmental Product and Pensions.