Academic Programmes

Programe academice

Do you want to exercise your skills? Do you want to be part of remarkable research or to acquire the experience needed to build a successful career?

Join the Academic Programmes of Teamnet!

Each study project we launched part of Teamnet academic programmes adds up to the students’ theoretical knowledge. This time, everything is hands-on experience. Students have the chance to work in extraordinary projects and discover new technologies. Our programmes are open to students with a technical background as well as to graduates in economy or humanities.

The internships conducted in these programmes take place mostly in summertime and address students with good programming skills, algorhytms and eventually, involvement in open-source projects or other projects developed in a team.

In the end, depending on the results obtained during the internship, students can continue their activity inside Teamnet, as employees, and at the same time, they can work on their Bachelor’s thesis/ Master’s dissertation on a common research university topic connected to Teamnet.

Please check our academic programmes that we are constantly conducting, choose the most suitable for you and send us your application!