Interoperability Specialists


Specialisti InteroperabilitateWith their help, we managed to develop medical information systems, compliant with the standards of information exchange in the medical field. Thus, the eHealth solutions become interoperable, and the exchange of information between healthcare providers is easier to achieve.

Interoperability specialists in the specific sanitary technology activate within Teamnet Dedalus. This team helps develop and implement ARMONIA®sanita suite in Romanian hospitals. The IT system consists of interoperable modules, designed to support an effective communication and collaboration in hospitals and the integrated management of all healthcare services in the hospital: clinical, laboratory or emergency.

The expertise of the specialists in this field is supported by HL7 certification, an international association governing the exchange of medical data. The knowledge acquired provides the team with the tools necessary to develop an open IT system, easily integrated with the existing solutions in hospitals and interfaced with national health systems (SIUI, Electronic Prescription, Electronic File).

The skills of specialists in interoperability recommend us for complex projects, integration of workflows among several healthcare providers and real time information exchange between them. We support the shift towards a more collaborative health care system, oriented towards an integrated approach of each patient.