We improve the naval and maritime traffic and we increase the safety of the air transport.

We develop information systems which contribute to the flow of the traffic on the Danube and by sea. We do this through complex platforms which include management elements for the process of loading electric vehicles, elements for the integration of mobility services such as the viewing, the selection and the launch of the application directly from mobile terminals such as tablets and telephones, or formalities notifications and dangerous merchandise transport monitoring.

We successfully implement naval transport planning systems, national registers for data management and for the management of the personnel on board, traffic monitoring sensors and communication and reporting means. All these, using prediction algorithms included, improve the workflows and increase the safety of the maritime and fluvial transports.

We also increase the safety of the air traffic through coordination centers for the search and rescue activities in case of civil airplane incidents.

At the level of the European Union, we are involved in research and development projects for the improvement of traffic and diminishing of the energy consumption and CO2emissions.

Development and integration

We create integrated platforms which improve the public access to transportation through electric means. We design databases which allow the extrapolation of the results, we integrate national elements in the European network for the monitoring and the information on the maritime traffic.

Solutions for integrated systems and multiple interfaces implementation

We design and implement multiple interfaces, ranging from the standard to the personalized ones, integrating them in platforms benefiting from interoperability. At the same time, we build integrated systems and software applications using sensors, hardware infrastructure, physics and communications.

Search and rescue centers

We design and develop support systems for the coordination center of the search and rescue actions in case of civil aviation accidents.

SAR - Search and rescue system

The centre which coordinates the search and rescue activities in case of civilian air crashes.


The evaluation of the IT&C role in traffic and modal transport for the improvement of the energy consumption and of the CO2 emissions.

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SMARTCEM - Smart Connected Electro Mobility

Research and exploitation of the IT&C solutions for the improvement of motion using electric vehicles. Clients

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Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration


"Henri Coandă" International Airport


Ministry of Transportation


"Romanian Waters" National Administration