Industrial Process Design

Corroborating clients’ needs with our specialists’ expertise and our experience of over 10 years in large-scale technological infrastructure projects, we have spotted a new field where we can make a major contribution in order to enhance the potential in the region – Engineering.

A team of more than 30 experts, engineers specialised in automation, distributed control systems, SCADA communications and industrial information systems, are offering our clients a comprehensive set of consulting services in the design of industrial processes.

Our consulting services cover a wide range of needs, from concept to detailed design, based on our advanced knowledge of the projects required in the following sectors: development of infrastructure for works relating to water and sewerage, water supply and drinking water treatment plants, sewerage and water de-salting treatment, waste and waste disposal, waste water treatment plants, sewerage networks.

Our specialists’ experience of more than 20 years in industrial automation, the quality certifications of our team and company (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), as well as the tools and techniques they use in project implementation, account for our assets and guarantee our yielding of sustainable outcomes.

Furthermore, considering the unremitting changes in the field in terms of legal regulations and technology, the adaptability and opening of our team to innovation all account for essential features to confer us a competitive advantage.

Within a market segment of system integrators, we have the daringness to combine the high specialisation gained in a niche segment with our system integrating skills and the experience of our specialists and partners, thus adding value to public and private organisations in the region.

Our team of specialised experts in engineering cover a wide range of services relating to industrial process design:

  • Process Design for Water-related Projects. Process design services for water and sewerage systems, waste water and water treatment plants.
  • Electrical Design. We offer consulting services for the design of power stations and installations, as well as for the registration and effective management of electricity consumption.
  • Civil Engineering Design. Services relating to design of civil engineering works, involving installation of technological equipment, as well as of water and waste works.

One of the most representative projects in this field is design of waste water treatment plants in the localities of Bistrita, Beclean, Salva and Sangeorz-Bai, with AquaBis as a client.

Consulting services in industrial process design, which we offer under this project, include actual design of the technology used in waste water treatment plants, which also involves technological flow design, sizing of equipment and apportioning of operating costs, SCADA design, automation and low / medium voltage power grids, civil engineering design (infrastructure for equipment and access routes) as well as design of water and sewerage networks and branches.

Our team includes the best technology specialists whose aim is to size the technological line of waste water treatment plants, providing our client with the best solutions within their technological flow based on the latest innovative equipment.

Our design engineers are focused on using the most innovative technological solutions in the project in order to ensure minimum operating costs for our client.