We support the environment by developing performant nature protection and preservation solutions.

Our systems cover the management of protected areas, both locally and at European level. At present, all EU Member States are using the Teamnet solution for reporting nature’s preservation state to the European Commission. Nationally, we have also managed to build the entire IT infrastructure in the Environmental field, by developing local and national systems for data collection and centralization and management systems for the protected areas in Romania.

Our Environmental performance is strictly connected to the innovative use of the GIS technology. Throughout 14 years of experience, we have completed more than 30 projects using this technology. With the help of the GIS systems developed by Teamnet, all Natura 2000 sites from Romania (more than 530) and all the protected natural areas (more than 900) are being managed.

Environmental consultancy for the management of organizations and operations

Our expertise in the management area and the interest in this field come to help the habilitated institutions both as far as the management and the operations are concerned. We offer consultancy ranging from management plans, integrated solutions for data management, consolidation, control and validation mechanisms to resource management and data and operations audit.

Design and implementation of dedicated portals

Correct, concise and clear information of the wide public can change the environment for the better. We are also developing internal portals at the same time for the improvement of the institutions’ activity.

Registration and evidence systems for the management plans

Natura 2000

This integrated system helps with the implementation of the European Commission's Directives on the administration of the protected areas.

Wild Fauna and Flora - Biodiversity Information Management System

With this system, the managers and the conservators of the protected areas collect data which they report to the National Environmental Protection Agency.

EU Reporting Application

EU member states use it to generate and report geospatial data concerning the species' and habitats' distribution area.


This integrated management plan manages all the 27 protected areas from Constanta County.

National Agency for Environmental Protection


National Agency for Rural Development and Fishing


National Agency for Fishing and Aquaculture