Public Services and Government


We transform the way citizens interact with the public institutions.

By means of an advanced technological infrastructure, we make the evolution of the public administration services possible. We develop solutions that improve the state institutions, the affiliated institutions and the administrative- territorial units. Through our projects, we are setting the basis of a modern, collaborative and less bureaucratic government support system.

We are integrating automated workflows, we are simplifying procedures and helping to diminish administrative costs. We believe that the countries in the region are worth benefiting from sustainable platforms to meet their citizens with complex services, seriously diminished waiting time, simple and intuitive access to the information, all at international standards.

Procedures elaboration, strategies, consultancy and Government implementation services

During the more than 13 years of activity in a competitive environment and in the collaborations we have with the European Unions, we have learned the importance of the long term strategies. Our experience in this field recommends us for the consultancy relationships and for the Government services implementing.

Consultancy in optimizing work processes

Productivity is one of the things characterizing our team. We create optimization strategies for our clients and we have the necessary expertise to transfer to the public environment as well a large amount of knowledge and procedures whose efficiency was proved in the private environment.

Implementation of complete IT solutions

We are developing software systems and we are integrating them with other systems and with hardware and communications architecture.

Software solutions development and implementation

We are creating new functionalities by means of the personalized development of the processes, we are implementing solutions and infrastructures which suppose the deployment of hardware and software, their configuration, adjustment and testing. We also provide services both for the integration of the applications or the existing IT infrastructure and management services for all these activities.

Information technology consultancy

We are evaluating IT strategies for aligning technologies with the business processes through services which include planning and strategic conception, operation and implementing.

Warranty, maintenance and post-implementation support

We offer our clients support both during the development of the project and after its completion, so that the efficiency is maximum.

Business consultancy

We offer consultancy for the management of the cost restructuring and of the procurement and supply activities, human resources consultancy, administration.

Application “ Selection Evaluation Projects”

Application for the evaluation of the projects for POSDRU funds.

RODCAP – Register of the personal data operators

The information system allows the online registration of all personal data operators, databases, information systems where the personal data is stored and processed.


The system deals with the free migration of the work force and of the rules for the coordination of the „MERCUR” social insurances systems.

National Agency of Fiscal Administration


National Agency for Land Improvement


National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration


National Agency for Public Officials


National Employment Agency


National House of Public Pensions


Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest


Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Administration and Interior


Romanian Immigration Office


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia