As of 2010, our team has developed one of the most important paid internship programmes in Romania.

Each year, we are scouting for both undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about the field in which we activate, who want and can change the world through technology alongside our team.

Either Olympic winners (who participated in major scientific competitions at several levels) or recommended students, they are welcome to join Teamnet, in order to gain valuable IT&C experience.

We are permanently looking for students who are ready to sign up for one of the two internship sessions we annually have:

  • February – April session
  • July – September session

We have diversified our programme proposal, from one year to another, so that at the moment we can offer as many options as possible to those interested in attending an internship in Teamnet: Business Analyst, Java Programmer, .Net Programmer, Database Administrator, Hardware Engineer (networking), Technical Project Manager, Junior Technical Designer, L1 Support Specialist, Junior Software Developer – Cloud Computing, Technical Support Specialist or Technical Bid Junior.

If you want to take part in our internship programme, please send us an email to with the following subject: “Internship”.

Those who attend Teamnet internships benefit not only from sponsorship from us, but also from the advice of a mentor meant to guide the young talents throughout the 3 months of the programme.

Also, they receive specialized training and they have the opportunity to work with state-of-art technologies: DotNet, Java, Oracle, PMI working methodologies.

At the end of the internship, depending on the results scored within the internship, the students may further carry on their activity within Teamnet, as employees and at the same time, they may develop their Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation thesis on a joint faculty-Teamnet research topic.

There are several selection criteria for our interns, depending on the field of activity of the internship programme they are applying to.

1. Business Analyst
Required knowledge:

  • Level of studies: 3rd year undergraduates or Master’s students;
  • Studies in fields such as Information Technology and also Finance – Accounting, Mathematics.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • What business analysis is;
  • How to develop projects (Agile, RUP);
  • What requirements are (business and user requirements, functional and non-functional requirements; SMART quality attributes).

Defining and modeling the requirements:

  • Requirement Extraction Techniques;
  • Modeling Techniques: UML diagrams, use cases, user stories;
  • Traceability of requirements;
  • Management of stakeholders and Role Modeling (PIG, RACI).


2. Java Programmer
Required knowledge:

  • OOP basic;
  • Java basic.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Java;
  • Hibernate;
  • Spring;
  • Spring Data;
  • Angular JS.

Activities carried out in the internship:

  • The activities they are going to carry out are educational projects; afterwards the practical project work will start.
  • The students will take part in workshops;

3. .Net Programmer
Required knowledge:

  • Level of studies: students in their final year of studies or graduate students enrolled in a Master’s programme, provided that they have successfully passed all the exams of the years of study;
  • Strong background in mathematics, statistics and algorithms, issue-solving abilities;
  • C# knowledge;
  • Basic relational database design knowledge, programming in a largely used language knowledge;
  • Excellent communication abilities.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Working with source control;
  • Development methodologies (Scrum);
  • Unit testing;
  • Programming principles and their practical application;
  • Modern web technologies on Java or .NET stacks;
  • Working with databases, especially with relational ones.

Activities carried out in the internship:

  • Each participant will have a mentor appointed for them; the mentor will provide guidance throughout the programme;
  • The students will receive specialized training and will be involved in specific projects developed by the company; at the end of the training they will receive a professional recommendation signed by the company;
  • The students will work with state-of-art technologies .Net, PMI working on the project methodologies. The students will work in the same team with analysts, testers, clients and other stakeholders.

4. Database Administrator
Required knowledge:

  • Level of Studies: students in their final year of studies or graduate students enrolled in a Master’s programme, provided that they have successfully passed all the exams of the years of study;
  • Field of study: computer science or electronics;
  • Basic sql language knowledge;
  • Basic knowledge of operation systems (Windows, Linux).

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Installing and configuring Oracle database;
  • Creating and manipulating database objects;
  • Backup/restore: Datapump scripts, rman.

5. Technical Project Manager
Required knowledge:

  • IT Hardware, Software, Networking elementary knowledge;
  • Stress resilience;
  • Excellent communication abilities;
  • Fast learner and able to apply the concepts learned.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • IT Project Management experience;
  • Infrastructure, using methodologies such as PMI;
  • Active participation in national and international magnitude projects;
  • Possibility to use the internship as criterion in applying for CAPM, PMP certification;

Activities carried out in the internship:

  • Generating project documentation;
  • Analysis of the effort/costs/risks (with guidance);
  • Participation into meetings related to the project.

6. Junior Technical Designer
Required knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of:
    • IT Hardware;
    • Software (WIN, Linux is a plus);
    • Networking;
  • Analytical thinking, careful with details;
  • Creative in solving issues;
  • Excellent communication abilities, ability to work both on their own and as part of a team;
  • Ability to coherently turn ideas and information into text;
  • Fast learner and able to apply the concepts learned;
  • English proficiency – intermediate level;
  • Patience.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Advanced knowledge of  hardware and middleware and integration between them;
  • Active participation in national and international magnitude projects;
  • Experience in working both with the overview picture and with details;

Activities carried out within the internship:

  • Analysis of the documentation;
  • Generating project documentation;
  • Participation in project meetings.

7. L1 Specialist Support
Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Improvement of communication skills;
  • Improvement of technical knowledge (Microsoft Office, Operating systems, Servers, Relational databases, Web Technologies).
  • Activities carried out in the internship:
  • Client support (e-mail, phone);
  • Information traceability and management of the services provided;
  • Information traceability and management of support requests;
  • Improvement of the support process in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

8. Technical Support Specialists
Required knowledge:

  • Level of Studies: students in their final year of studies or graduate students enrolled in a Master’s programme, provided that they have successfully passed all the exams of the years of study;
  • IT background;
  • Elementary knowledge of relational database design, programming skills in a largely used language;
  • Knowledge of networking, server applications (Exchange, SharePoint);
  • Elementary knowledge of Oracle, C#;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Analytical thinking.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Concepts of upper level technical support (technical assistance with a high level of expertise);
  • Microsoft, Oracle and IBM technologies;
  • Business analysis basics.

Activities carried out during the internship:

  • Students contribute to providing business clarifications based on the analysis documentation and on the technical specifications;
  • Interpretation of history logs and application errors;
  • Data replications;
  • Students contribute to creating scripts and procedures to remedy the incidents;
  • Students contribute to proactive maintenance activities (data consistency verification, verification of application functionalities, performance parameters).

9. Technical Bid Junior:
Required knowledge:

  • Student in the field of Polytechnics/Electronics/Automation etc;
  • Very good word and excel knowledge;
  • Very good English knowledge (fluent spoken/written English);
  • Networking knowledge (CISCO certification);
  • Minimal hardware knowledge: servers, SAN, backup tape, computing stations, switch, router, firewall;
  • Minimal knowledge on databases, portal, application server.

Knowledge gained in the programme:

  • Advanced hardware knowledge (server configuration, work stations, router, switch, firewall);
  • Advanced knowledge of client server architecture, information system architectures;
  • Advanced knowledge of databases, portal, DMS, CMS, ERP, etc;
  • Advanced knowledge of the large Hw and Sw manufacturers on the IT market and their portfolio.

Activities carried out in the internship:

  • Participation in bids in the IT field;
  • Identification of the solutions compliant to the minimal and mandatory requirements within the tender books.
  • Contacting hw and sw manufacturers and asking for quotations;
  • Drafting the technical documentation for the technical bid;
  • Participation to technical workshops;
  • Work experience in a young, dynamic team.
  • In order to enter the programme, you have to go through the following stages:
  • Submit an application form;
  • Attend an interview with our HR team;
  • Pass a logics test and a technical test;
  • Attend an interview with an expert in the respective field of activity;
  • Integrate in the team.

2014 Session
196 selected students;
91 former interns became employees.

2013 Session
30 selected students;
14 former interns became employees.

2012 Session
28 selected students;
20 former interns became employees.

2011 Session
21 selected students;
9 former interns became employees.

2010 Session
11 selected students;
10 former interns became employees.

“Everything was fine in the testing department. As far as I am concerned, I was treated fairly,as any other employee, which is a good thing for my professional and personal development.” – Cristian Ștefan Lascu

“I got used quite quickly with my team mates, we gradually exchanged opinions, we got to know each other better, we worked together and did a great job and our mentors were very open and helped us out each and every time. I think I have entirely integrated into the project team and into the working environment of the company.” – Agnes Bolovan

“The integration exceeded my expectations. I integrated much faster than I would have expected. I was treated as a team member with full rights.” – Roxana Papuc

“I couldn’t possibly say what exactly needs to be improved; I can only say what mattered the most to me during my internship. I think that the way we are integrated is very important, the time we are given for questions and clarifications. As far as I’m concerned, my mentor’s support and our communication made the learning and integration processes easier for me.” – Alexandra Pirvulescu

“As far as I’m concerned, the internship period came pretty close to perfection. I came here with the desire both to learn a job and to see how it’s like to work for a major company. I can honestly say I successfully completed both objectives. I was welcomed in the team, I was asked to work hard, I was helped whenever I didn’t know something. The 3 months I spent here did not feel as if I was an intern, but rather as if I was a member of Teamnet. I gained valuable technical skills, and besides this, I found out how it feels like to work in a team and have true responsibilities, in major projects. Congratulations!” – Radu Satnoianu

“There is absolutely nothing which needs to be improved.  This was my first experience on the labour market and it proved much more interesting than the faculty, which I can’t say I enjoyed too much (until I became an intern at Teamnet:)  )” – Adrian Iulian Vultur

“As far as the whole Teamnet crew is concerned, I think that most people I came in contact with are friendly and open-minded. It was a pleasure for me to work in the project team, I fitted in really quickly, I collaborated really well and most importantly, I learned a lot.” – Nicoleta Melania Stanca

“The professional working environment, the team’s openness towards the interns and the kindness of my co-workers offered me a new perspective on the environment in which I want to develop myself, both professionally and personally.” I also gained teamwork experience, as well as experience in searching for information independently in order to solve the tasks assigned to me.” – Alexandra Gabriela Cristea