From a leading IT integrator, Teamnet has become today a technological infrastructure generator.


Our new image is: Red defining vitality, pace of development and ongoing focus on evolution. Point matrix accounting for the thoroughness of our approach of all the projects we are involved in.Logo reflecting leadership and focus on innovation, guiding us in all of our actions.Change features our DNA and it is being constantly developed. Gaining knowledge of the latest technological developments and expressing our concern for permanently acquiring know-how have helped us make it so far and they will take us even further.

We endeavour to make things happen, turning impossible into possible. We get our energy from millions of people who depend on us to make their life easier and we are encouraged by the brightness and determination of our co-workers. We work, enjoy and share success with our clients, like a true team. As far as we are concerned, success is measured by the ability to initiate change in the society through technology.

Every project helped up to become better, more efficient and more confident in our potential and the capacity of fields we have transformed. The most impressive success stories start from a new definition of the unfavourable context and from overcoming certain obstacles which seem insurmountable.

Brand Teamnet