Project Management

More than 150 successfully-completed projects, accounting for a total investment of over 150 million Euro, 11 years of seniority in procedural project management and specific methodology tailored to the particularity of our clients, 30 project managers and over 40 team certifications are all fostering Teamnet to become a regional excellence centre serving our clients’ needs for project management consulting services.

Our team’s lifelong learning and determination have enabled to win the competition entitled “Project of the Year” (with the project “Disaster Scenario Software”) at the PM Days 2013, organized by PMI Chapter Romania. The same project was also awarded the prize for the IT category, while the HIRRUS miniUAV system was selected as winner for the Research Projects category. At the PM Days 2014 International Conference, two of our projects have been awarded a certificate of excellence in Project Management: SINCRON and eViza.

One of our strengths is the partnership rapport established with our Clients.We stand by them throughout all the stages of the project, starting from the initiation, planning and execution, moving on to the monitoring and controlling of the project’s development, so as to make sure it is successfully completed. Furthermore, we constantly make sure that our projects are successful even after they are completed.Therefore, ever since July 2014, Teamnet and PMI Chapter Romania have become strategic partners in developing project management skills in Romania.This partnership is the first one to be concluded at local level by the top global association in the project management field.You can find out more about this in the Press Releases Section: Strategic Partnership PMI.

Our experts’ main areas of expertise are as follows: project management for implementing IT integrated systems, project management for projects financed through European funds, project management in the civil engineering area. All our team members have had solid education and they are certified by the most -widely acknowledged authorities in the field.Take a look at just a few of our certifications: Project Management Professional (PMI), Management of Risk Registered Practitioner (AMP Group), Prince 2 Registered Practitioner (APMG International), P3O Registered Practitioner (AMP Group), Agile Project Management Registered Practitioner (APMG International).
With the project management services it offers, our company mainly addresses the clients who activate in the industries of public services and governance, public safety, health and transport.

Our project management consulting services are meant to assure our clients of projects development in optimum conditions: timing, restriction to budget and observance of quality parameters, conformity with the envisaged coverage area, adequate stage planning according to their working environment, constraints and organisational culture.  Likewise, we make sure to outline key points, to develop a thorough resource planning and to monitor observance of deadlines under the project.

Main areas of expertise in project management:

  • Implementation of integrated IT systems. Ever since our Project Management department was set up 8 years ago, we have constantly strived to offer our clients the best solutions in the IT field.
  • Implementation of EU-funded projects. Our will to foster increased absorption of EU funds has nurtured our choice to diversify the portfolio of services. Thus, we approached our clients in 2007 with project management services tailored to the specificity of EU-funded projects.
  • Implementation of civil engineering projects. We provide project management services for the following activities in this area: arrangement of buildings, movement of premises, construction of new offices etc. The team dedicated to this service division is made up of engineering project managers with experience in the area of construction. Some of the services provided: subcontractor management, site management, contract management, technical supervision etc.


Also, the winning project in the Research category at the PM Days 2013, called HIRRUS miniUAV, is the first Romanian initiative to be granted 100% private equity funds for UAV technology-related research and development  that has turned into a fully-operational  UAV system. Fitted with sensors and surveillance equipment, the system can perform various missions in several fields such as agriculture (crop analysis, irrigation system efficiency etc.), forestry (land clearing management), emergency management (earthquakes, floods, fires etc.), border security, road traffic monitoring, fighting against crime (surveillance of oil and gas pipes, poaching) as well as other fields.


Flood Prevention System on the Danube

The IT system manages the flood risks and is connected to all the EU members which the Danube crosses on its way from the source to its emptying.


Natura 2000

This integrated system  helps with the implementation of the European Commission’s Directives on the administration of the protected areas.


Wild Fauna and Flora - The system for the Management of the Information concerning Biodiversity

With this system, the managers and the conservators of the protected areas collect data which they report to the National Environmental Protection Agency.


EU Reporting Application

EU member states use it to generate and report geospatial data concerning the species’ and habitats’ distribution area.



This management integrated plan manages all the 27 protected areas from Constanta County.


SIMPOP–Information System for the Management of the Operational Programme for Fisheries

It automates the management, monitoring and control activities of the funds received through the Operational Programme for Fisheries.


Integrated Systems used in Fishing

It stands for the development of an integrated system which provides the management of the fishing licenses and  fishermen’s boats.


SAR - Search and Rescue System

The central system which coordinates the search and rescue activities in case of civilian air crashes.


National Agency of Fiscal Administration


National Agency for Rural Development and Fishing


"Romanian Waters" National Administration


Romanian Immigration Office


National Institute for Earth Physics


Bucharest City Hall


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


National House of Public Pensions


Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia


Digital Romania National Center


Ministry of Communications and Information Society


Olt County Council


Giurgiu County Council