At Teamnet, evolution has unfolded at one single pace: high-speed.

Our business strategy and the investments made have placed us today in the most prominent national and international rankings. Teamnet is a company of top performance.

Categories of Awards:

Financial Performance
Team Performance
Products, Solutions and Systems
National and International Projects
Brand and Communication

Financial Performance:

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe
Rank 34 in 2014;
Rank 17 in 2013;
Rank 16 in 2012;
Rank 6 in 2011;
Rank 2 in 2010 and 2009
Rank 7 in 2008.

Teamnet is the only company in Central Europe present, for the seventh year in a row, in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe ranking. This ranking draws up a hierarchy of technology companies, based on the percentage of revenue growth over the last five-years.

Teamnet has been included in the Technology Fast 50 Central Europe as of 2008, when they ranked seventh, with a growth rate of 2.028% In the next two years, the company ranked second, with growth rates of 3.317%, respectively 3.120%, and in the 2011 edition, they ranked 6th (2.136%). In 2012, Teamnet ranked 16th (870%), in 2013 17th, and in 2014 ranked 34th, with a recorded growth of 424% throughout 2009-2013.

The constant presence of Teamnet in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe ranking testifies on the company’s performance at regional level, and the substantial profit confirms the sustainable strategy and investments in technology.

Big 5 Category, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe
Rank 4 in the category Big Five in 2015;
Rank 3 in the category Big Five in 2014;
Rank 3 in the category Big Five in 2013;
Rank 2 in the category Big Five in 2012;

The efficiency of the organization, Teamnet’s success at European level in terms of the accelerated growth rate are proved by the fact that Deloitte included us in the Big 5 category, especially created for the recognition of large businesses, with a turnover larger than 25 million Euro. Teamnet is the only Romanian company to be included by Deloitte in the Big Five Category, along with other four large businesses in the region.
In 2013, Teamned ranked 3rd in the Big Five Segment, whereas two years ago they ranked second, with a turnover of approximately 235.6 million lei .

European Business Awards 2014
Teamnet Group has been designated National Champion of Romania at the European Business Awards 2014 and is the only local company to be nominated under the category “The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year”.

The National Champion title awarded to Teamnet at the European Business Awards 2014 demonstrates our financial and business performance, innovation and business ethics. The outstanding progress is due to the strategic steps taken in recent years for the development of each company within the group, and also to the remarkable results in sales.

Teamnet’s recognition on the international business market
In 2012, Teamnet’s activity in the region was appreciated by Mass Media International. The Regional Business Partner 2012 Award received in Belgrade testifies on the level of excellence in business Teamnet has reached, even internationally.

The advanced technology solutions projects developed by Teamnet on the international business market testifies on their significant expertise in the field, given that Teamnet has become a powerful mentality shift agent for the countries in the region.

Team Performance

Management Excellency Awards Gala
In February 2015, Capital Magazine nominated Bogdan Padiu, the CEO of Teamnet Group, as one of the best development managers in Romania, at the Management Excellency Awards Gala.
This recognition comes as a consequence to the remarkable growth recorded by Teamnet recently and to the Group’s sustainable regional development strategy.

100 Most Admired CEOs in Romania Ranking
In Business Magazin’s 2013th 100 Most Admired CEOs in Romania, two CEOs of the Teamnet Group were selected for the fourth edition of the ranking, as follows:
Rank 19th – Bogdan Padiu, CEO Teamnet Group;
Rank 29th – Bogdan Balaci, CEO Ymens.
The distinctions awarded for the recognition of outstanding business merits awarded to Bogdan Padiu and Bogdan Balaci are a testimony to the professionalism, significant professional experience and profitable business decisions of the two managers – these are the qualities which turned them into true role-models for all those aspiring to the CEO position.

100 Top Young Managers Gala – 2013
In 2013, within the 100 Top Young Managers Gala organized by the magazine Business Magazin, Bogdan Padiu, CEO of Teamnet Group, received the award for the most successful Romanian manager in the IT&C category, for his notable activity in the field.

The “Top Manager in IT&C” Trophy awarded to Bogdan Padiu comes as a professional recognition in the industry for Teamnet Top Management’s vision, creativity and competence.

2014 e-Finance Awards Gala
Within the 2014 e-Finance Gala, the CEO of Teamnet Group, Bogdan Padiu, received the e-People award for 2013 Personality of the Year. The distinction acknowledges the merits of the Teamnet leader, his management skills and his outstanding contribution to the evolution of the company. With determination and perseverance, the business man has managed to generate growth at all business levels, from professional development to financial indicators.

Products, Solutions and Systems

112 Awards Gala
The integrated emergency system developed by Teamnet for Bucharest and Ilfov 112 Center of the Special Telecommunications Service has received the most important acknowledgment at the Annual European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Gala, held in April 2015. The representatives of the Special Telecommunications Service received the award for “The Best Emergency 112 Call Center in the EU”. The 112 Awards Gala is the only celebration of this kind in Europe and it is meant to reward the remarkable contributions to this field.

With this project, we have contributed to optimizing the activity of the Special Telecommunications Service concerning increasing national security; this way, we have managed to reduce the time to locate the victims on the map and to increase the response capacity of the search and rescue teams on the entire Romanian territory.

Open Data Hackathon, 2015

One of Teamnet’s key competencies is the ability to use GIS Technology in an innovative way, by integrating it into complex systems, and thus helping them to answer the question “Where?”

At the Open Data Hackathon, the team consisting of Teamnet representatives ranked third with their project “Localitățile fictive din România”/”Fictitious Localities in Romania”. The GIS team identified 126 fictitious localities which, despite of appearing on the map, are no longer inhabited, as per recent public data records.

2014 National Ranking of Companies Gala
The National Ranking of Companies, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a reference point for the business environment, a ranking of the most competitive companies in Romania. At this year’s edition, Teamnet ranked first at the category Research, Development and High Tech; this award acknowledges the company’s performance at national level.

2013 Mobile Communications Awards
At the tenth Mobile Communications Awards Gala, Teamnet was awarded the 2013 Best IT System Integrator and was thus considered the best performing company at national level in terms of integrating innovative technologies and leader on the Romanian market.

Teamnet was awarded the highest distinction which an IT systems integrator can be awarded at national level and the jury appreciated the major benefits brought by the projects the company implemented at all levels of the society.

Excellence in GIS Technology Award
In 2013, ESRI Romania awarded Teamnet the Excellence Award for their activity in the GIS field. The ESRI Romania distinction testifies to Teamnet’s major progress on the GIS market. Teamnet is acknowledged as one of the leaders in this field in Romania, given that they provide the most advanced GIS integration module and also the most miscellaneous range of solutions.

2013 RoCloud Award for Promoting Cloud Software Services
In 2013, the Romanian Cloud Computing Association awarded Ymens, part of the Teamnet Group, the RoCloud Award for Promoting Software Services in the Cloud.- SAAS+PAAS.

Ymens’s nomination as leader on the local cloud computing services market confirms the company’s hard efforts to make cloud services more popular and also to attract new partners in order to enlarge the solution portfolio.

2013 Eurocloud Romania Competition

In 2013, Ymens received two awards at Eurocloud Romania:

  • Best Cloud offer, Software as a Service (Ymens Platform);
  • Best Cloud project, private sector (Unior- Trepid).

Ymens’s designation among the winners of Eurocloud Romania testifies to the company’s success at national cloud industry level, supported by means of innovative business solutions, easy to access and use, which are meant to boost the clients’ efficiency and productivity.

National and International Projects:

Best Employers Study

In 2014, following the Best Employers survey conducted by Aon Romania, Teamnet company is ranked 2nd in the Top of Romanian Employers in the category of medium companies, with a number of employees between 250 and 1000. Best Employers Study 2014 includes  information collected from more than 200 executives and 8,700 employees from Romania.

“Project of the Year” Projects Competition
Teamnet is a powerful player on the Romanian project management services market, with a large team of experts who develop magnitude projects leading to the evolution of society and also to an increase in the clients’ competitiveness.

At the 2014 PM Days international conference, two of our projects received a certificate of excellence in Project Management: SINCRON and eViza. In 2013, two other projects received the appreciation PMI Romania Chapter, as follows:

  • Project of the Year – “Disaster Scenario Software” in 2013;
  • Best research project for the “HIRRUS UAV System” in 2013;
  • Best IT project – “Disaster Scenario Software” in 2013;

The Teamnet projects were awarded for the innovation, competitiveness and also for the professionalism shown by applying good management practices and consolidating the company’s position on this business segment.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Award 2013
In 2013, the European Commission nominated, in the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Award competition, the MobilSage project in top 3 IT solutions dedicated to the elderly.

The nomination of the Teamnet application among the three finalists testifies to the MobilSage’s success both in the countries involved in the project, and also in other European countries.

2013 Romanian Investors Forum
At the 2013 Romanian Investors Forum, Teamnet won the innovation award with the Hirrus UAV project.

The trophy received by Teamnet for innovation shows the efficiency of the aerial vehicles. The UAVs are intelligently designed, easy to adjust to various missions and have the capacity to live stream correctly localized data, relevant for the clients.

RoCS Gala
In 2013, at the RoCS Gala, Ymens won the excellence award for distribution, with the cloud solutions project implementation for the Unior-Tepid company. The RoCS 2013 Excellence Award for the Distribution Vertical testifies to the quality and effectiveness of the Ymens services, client orientation and their needs for business development.

Modern Initiatives in the Management of Hospitals
Teamnet Dedalus has made the first pro-bono implementation in Romania, at the Buhuși Hospital. In 2013, the initiative received the special award at the Medical Awards Gala, which was hosted by “Oameni și Companii”. The project is a first implementation in Romania of the ARMONIA®sanita Information system and the award is an acknowledging of the positive impact the information system has had on the management of public hospitals in Romania.

Brand and Communication

“Transform Awards” European Competition
As a result of the rebranding process, the agency “Brandtailors” won two major awards with the Ymens project, at the 2013 Transform Awards European Competition.

  • Bronze – Best corporate rebranding programme reflecting the change of product placement
  • Bronze – Best rebranding programme in the field of technology, media and telecom.

The bronze trophies for the new brand identity signed by Brandtailors testify to the professionalism and hard efforts made by Teamnet Group’s marketing experts to develop the most efficient placement strategy. The Ymens project also received the “Highly commended” distinction under the category “Best rebranding programme in Eastern Europe”, an award which gives recognition to the value of the rebranding programme at European level.

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