SCADA Specialists


Experti SCADAOur experts develop applications and provide support on SCADA technology in various fields, such as water, waste, technological processes etc. Find out more about our team of SCADA specialists (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Our group, through the company Teamnet Engineering, has experts in the SCADA technology, with which we design and operate the systems based on this technology.

The technical expertise in designing these solutions is supported by many years of experience in engineering and a number of key certifications held by the people in our team.

Our colleagues with expertise in  in SCADA typologies contribute to the development of mechanisms that revolutionize, through automation, the old operating paradigms of equipment in various industries, achieving:

  • SCADA systems for water supply industry;
  • SCADA systems for wastewater treatment industry;
  • SCADA systems for liquid fuel processing industry;
  • SCADA software systems developed and customized for OLE (OLE for Process Control);
  • Intelligent systems for industrial communications;
  • Energy management systems;
  • Registration and management systems of electricity consumption;
  • Consultancy services in business areas;
  • Maintenance services in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation.

Projects: one of the most important projects in which our experts have applied the SCADA technology, is the one conducted in Romania, Arges county, aiming to extend and rehabilitate the water and wastewater infrastructure serving several cities in the area.