From Zero to Hero


With this programme, we provide talented young people from Romania with free-of-charge crash courses within our company in fields such as software development, business analysis and testing. At the end of the programme, undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to join a 3 month paid internship programme.

On a regular basis, we organize at our company’s headquarters a session of free-of-charge crash courses for students who wish to become Teamnet interns.

Thus, From Zero to Hero is an intermediate stage in our recruitment process, by means of which we can get to know our future interns better.

We want these courses to be complementary to the theoretical training the students receive at the university, and thus we take the permanent collaboration we support in our academic, research and development programmes for students a step further.

The successful applicants who are selected to join this programme have the opportunity to learn both new things and practical skills from certified experts in various fields of activity within the company.

The crash courses sum up 80 hours of practice, including both individual and teamwork exercises, and are held throughout one month, at our headquarters.

You may choose between courses in various fields, depending on your skills and the education you have:

Software Development – here you will learn about source control, practical programming principles (SOLID, DRY, design patterns), teamwork (Scrum), software quality assurance (unit tests, code review), working with databases C# and Java, debugging techniques and modern web design.

Business Analysis – here you will learn what business analysis is, how to develop projects (Agile, RUP), what requirements are (business and user requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, quality attributes – SMART), how to define and model requirements (how to excerpt requirements and modeling techniques: UML diagrams, cases, user stories), requirements traceability, how to manage the stakeholders and role modeling (PIG, RACI).

Testing – here you will find out which are the stages of project implementation, you will learn the testing processes (Waterfall și Agile), types of tests, testing levels, techniques used to create Test Cases, fault management, deliverables created during the testing process and automated testing process.

The Programme “From Zero to Hero” has two annual sessions, one in spring and one in autumn.

In order to join the programme, you have to send your application when the internship registrations are open, and send us a CV tailored to the field of your interest, to the address

All eligible “From Zero to Hero” applicants must be senior year students or graduate students enrolled in a master’s programme in the field of information technology, finance-accounting or mathematics and also have to be passionate about one of this fields and must have an updated CV.

Autumn Session 2014
59 selected students;
41 students joined the internship programme;

Spring Session 2014
20 selected students;
16 students joined the internship programme;
11 former interns became employees.

Autumn Session 2013
40 selected students;
32 students joined the internship programme;
22 former interns became employees.