IT Outsourcing


Ready access to the best IT experts is real. The technically-certified staff in our company can start work immediately, regardless of the project type.

Our teams of experts have proven their efficiency throughout years of experience of high quality work.
Moreover, the reduction and control of IT-related costs are also real. Our company is focused more on profit and on the significant increase in the productivity of our clients’ business, such as both public and private companies, in the following industries: public service and Governance, public safety, environment, agriculture, transport, healthcare, energy and utilities.
Therefore, our experts act without the large costs triggered by expensive equipment or by assigning the job to several IT-dedicated people in the company.

  • Helpdesk;
  • Management of office equipment;
  • Incident Management;
  • Management of credentials and user access to services

Our Support Team acts as a single point of contact for all the services we provide. We minimize the disruption of the services and the financial losses and thus we contribute to the increase of our Clients’ incomes and to user satisfaction.

  • Management of the issues;
  • Anticipatory Maintenance
  • Change and Implementation Management
  • IT Infrastructure Operating and Automation Services
  • Windows, Linux and AIX servers Administration
  • Administration of private virtual networks, local and wireless networks

We provide advanced technical support services, in compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA). When applied, our issue and change management processes can reduce the periods of work flow disruption caused by the occurrence of incidents and the risks associated to the implementation of a change in the IT system. We carry out anticipatory activities, in order to prevent the degradation of the services we provide for our clients. We guarantee confidentiality and integrity of the data and services, by means of activities of identification and management of access.

Outsourcing Services: manual and automated testing, functional testing, performance and security testing.

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