Software and integration specialists


Specialisti software si integrareOur team of programmers, analysts, system architects and technical project managers have expertise in creating technological solutions for various business areas, developed based on the latest technologies.

The team of software and integration specialists is a key element in creating all our major projects that include the integration of several technologies in a complex system.

They deal with finding appropriate solutions to customer requirements, followed by their in-depth analysis, development and implementation of embedded systems. Our colleagues work with customers at every stage, to ensure that the final result is in line with their expectations, providing maintenance and support after project completion. Our objective is to develop and continuously improve the systems created, which is possible with help from our experts.

The team of software and integration specialists has various specializations, the most representative for our business being system architecture, .Net / Java / Mobile development, business analysis, databases and web programming. In their activity, they use a variety of technologies (software, hardware, systems integration, turnkey delivery), which they skillfully use in building integrated systems.

To provide the most innovative solutions, our team is always oriented towards obtaining new certifications and acquiring know-how. In Teamnet, we have more than 200 certifications and 100 courses in software development, system integration and business analysis. They are obtained from our strategic partners including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Projects: with the help of these specialists, we managed to develop large projects that make Teamnet a regional market leader: Orizont, eViza, SNIV, eTerra, Revisal, Integrated Emergency Service System, Disaster Scenario Software, SINCRON, APIA Integrated System, Environmental Integrated System, WIMS, SMSUMB.