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The http://www.teamnet.ro/, site, hereinafter called „the site” (except for the sites belonging to third parties to whom reference is made), is the property of S.C. Teamnet International S.A., company registered at the Trade Register with the number J29/461/2001, having the VAT code RO 13904073, with the headquarters in Ploiești, 44 Elena Doamna Street, Prahova County, subscribed and paid capital in the amount of 1.081.610 lei (hereinafter called „TEAMNET”).

Site Scope

The site suggests to offer the users correct and up-to-date information regarding the services and products offered by S.C. Teamnet International S.A., having its headquarters in Ploiești, 44 Elena Doamna Street, Prahova County,  registered at the Trade Register with the number J29/461/2001, having the VAT code RO 13904073.

The site is meant to participate in the improvement of the relationship between TEAMNET and its clients in order to ease the communication between TEAMNET and the clients, which leads to the improvement of the trading of the TEAMNET products and services.

TEAMNET makes all the efforts to provide up-to-date information concerning its services and products and in order to update the content of the site. Nevertheless, TEAMNET does not guarantee the up-to-date character of the information presented on the site at any time. TEAMNET doesn’t guarantee either that the site does not contain errors, but it will try to remedy these errors briefly in order to allow the correct information of the users. TEAMNET will not be held liable for the possible prejudices suffered by the user due to decisions made based on any information supplied through the site.

User’s obligations

The user agrees, accepts and guarantees to use this site and service according to these terms and conditions, in an appropriate and legal manner, only for legal purposes. For instance, the user will not:

  • Use this site to harm underage persons under any circumstances;
  • Receive, access or send any content breaking the copyright and intellectual property law, breaking the confidentiality, nor will he receive, access or send any content which is pornographic, obscene, racist, threatening, offensive, slanderous or otherwise illegal;
  • Send an electronic content, viruses included, which will cause, or which is probable to cause, detriment or damage in any way the calculation system of TEAMNET and/or of other users;
  • Make excessive traffic requests, will not supply or forward series of letters, thrown or unsolicited mail or unauthorized advertising (spam) of any kind, summaries, contests, pyramid schemes or engage through any other intentional behaviour to inhibit the other users from using this website or any other Internet website, or which is otherwise likely to damage or destroy the TEAMNET reputation or the reputation of a third party;
  • Disclose their own identity or that of a third party or sensitive information in conversations or posted messages.

By using this website, the user agrees to compensate, protect and not hold TEAMNET responsible for and against any losses, expenses, damages and costs, including the reasonable fees of the lawyers, resulting from the violation of terms and conditions.

Liability Limitation

The user agrees that the use of the website is made entirely at his/her own risk and that all the TEAMNET services, content and Internet pages are supplied “as such”, with no promise and guarantee of any kind, either expressly or implicitly, including, without being limited to:

  • any guarantee for the continuous provision of the TEAMNET services;
  • the availability, safety, integrity or accuracy of the information, its services and content;
  • the title, trading or appropriation for any purpose.

This waver of the obligations applies to any damages caused by any performance failure, any error, omission, interruption, deletion, damage, delay in operation or transmission, virus infection of the computer, fall of the communication line etc.

TEAMNET will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect damages, consequences or special damages which occur by using the website or the possibility to use the website.

The user will have to bear all the expenses and any additional expenses related to the use of the TEAMNET telecommunication services, including those which can be perceived by the telephone and/or internet supplier of the user.

TEAMNET can alter these terms and conditions without any previous notification. Such changes will be notified by displaying on the website. It is considered that these changes are accepted in case the users continue to use the site after the date when the alterations are displayed.

The website can contain connections or links to other websites for the use of which the specific use policies will apply as they are mentioned on the respective websites, TEAMNET not being liable and not taking any responsibility for their content or concerning any link therein. Any inclusion of links on the website is made only for the help of the user and does not imply the support of TEAMNET of the material available on or through these websites or networks or any association with their operators. The user accesses those websites and uses their products and services at his own risk exclusively.

The Intelectual and Industrial Property Rights

„TEAMNET” is a brand belonging to S.C. Teamnet International S.A.. The use of the „TEAMNET” brand for trading purposes is strictly forbidden to the users of the site. It is especially forbidden that the users totally or partially trade the „TEAMNET” brand, as well as copy, alter, reproduce, resend or distribute it by any means.

The users are also aware of the fact that all the rights, titles and interests on the content of the website, irrespective of their shape, including all the copyrights, registered marks, trading secrets and other intellectual property rights associated with them are and will remain the property of TEAMNET and/or of their licensors.

Personal Data

Through the website, the users can supply TEAMNET with information referring especially to personal data (such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers), the way the TEAMNET products and/or services are used or are intended to be used, but it may also include other information closely related to the use of the services and/or required products.

Any person accessing the website and offering personal data or information through the forms on this site (e.g. “order”, “contact”, “require meeting”, “sales support”, “technical support”) expresses his/her express and unequivocal consent for the personal data processing by TEAMNET for the following purposes:
a) marketing (including direct marketing) consisting in performing commercial notifications and trading TEAMNET products and services by any notification means, except the automated dial which does not require the intervention of a human operator (letters, brochures, other printed materials);
b) for the purpose of supplying the TEAMNET services or products presented on the website, including the processing of the orders or of the user’s requests, the invoicing, the recovery of the outstanding amounts, the solution of the demands and complaints, the prevention/tracing of frauds;
c) the storage and the processing of that information which help TEAMNET improve the products and services supplied by TEAMNET as well as its relationship with its clients;
d) other activities undertaken by TEAMNET and allowed by the law, which are not the object of any approval from the user.
TEAMNET has the right to disclose the information to third parties appointed by/having the power of attorney from TEAMNET in order to sell for and/or on behalf of TEAMNET the TEAMNET services and products, to the persons involved in the processes mentioned at the letters a-d above as well as to other persons, in the conditions of the law.

The continuation of the accessing of the website and sending the forms equals the agreement of the users for the processing of the personal data for the above mentioned purposes. In case the user does not want TEAMNET to process the personal data for one or several of the purposes mentioned above, the user will send a letter to TEAMNET at the address: S.C. Teamnet International S.A Ploiești, 44 Elena Doamna Street, Prahova, Romania, mentioning the purposes for which they do not want the processing of the personal data. The users supplying TEAMNET with personal data by using the website have all the rights and obligations stipulated by Law 677/2001 for the protection of the persons regarding the personal data processing and the free circulation of these data, respectively the right to access and intervention thereto, of opposition as far as their processing is concerned, of not being subject to an individual decision, as well as to file a legal complaint.


A cookie file is a small group of data, often including an anonymous unique identifier, sent ot the browser of your computer from an internet website and stored on the hard drive of your computer.

TEAMNET uses the cookie files for the following purposes: to supply the user with the regular content, to keep track of the users’ preferences so as to estimate the popular and useful pages, for statistic and marketing reasons. The users can configure the browser to reject the cookie files, but in such a case the user might not have access to certain pages or services.

Applicable Law

This Internet website (excluding the websites of the third parties to which there are links) is the property of TEAMNET. By accessing this site, the user accepts that these terms and any dispute related to them are governed and interpreted according to the Romanian laws, and the user accepts to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of law from Bucharest, Romania. This site can be accessed from anywhere in Romania and abroad. TEAMNET does not offer any guarantee that the information contained by this website observe the laws (including the intellectual property laws) of other countries outside Romania. If the user accesses this website from outside Romania, he does it at his own risk and is responsible at his own expense by the observance of the laws of the territory where he is.


S.C. Teamnet International S.A., having its headquarters in Ploiești, 44 Elena Doamna Street, Prahova County.
VAT CODE: RO13904073

In case you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this internet website and leave it immediately.