Teamnet Experts


Our team brings together the best experts in the field.

Teamnet specialists contribute substantially to the long-term success of our customers, involving their know-how and extensive expertise applicable in a variety of fields in the projects developed.

Experti Programe europene

Experts in European Funds

A mature team of professionals in projects financed from grants carry out their activity in our group. They provide specialized consultancy regarding the entire flow of request, approval and execution of projects.

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Suport tehnic

Technical Support Specialists

We are always close to our customers after project completion and we ensure the operation of our solutions to the highest standards. Find out more about the team of technical support specialists.

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Specialisti software si integrare

Software and integration specialists

Our team of programmers, analysts, system architects and technical project managers have expertise in creating technological solutions for various business areas, developed based on the latest technologies.

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Experti testare

Quality assurance and testing specialists

With the help of our team of testing and quality assurance specialists, we constantly guarantee the highest quality standards for the solutions developed by us. Find out more about our testing team.

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Project manageri

Project Managers

We invest in strenghtening our efficient project management department and we succeeded to train top specialists, always close to our customers in implementing major projects. Find out more about the team of project management specialists.

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Specialisti GIS

GIS Specialists

In the past years, we focused on strenghtening our team of specialists who develop geospatial solutions throughout the country. These solutions are used in a wide variety of industries such as environment, public services, agriculture and transport. Find out more about the team of GIS specialists.

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Experti SCADA

SCADA Specialists

Our experts develop applications and provide support on SCADA technology in various fields, such as water, waste, technological processes etc. Find out more about our team of SCADA specialists (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

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Experti engineering

System Engineering Experts

Our colleagues have an extensive experience in project design and management and in coordinating and managing complex projects. The team of system engineers allows us to develop projects that contain elements of the improvement of work processes, risk management and change management.

Specialisti constructii

Construction specialists

Since last year, our team has expanded with civil engineering specialists. With their help, we got involved in a new type of large projects with direct impact on the quality of life.

Specialisti cloud

Cloud Experts

Always devoted to technology and business innovations, in recent years Teamnet has acquired a vast experience in the Cloud area, by means of Ymens, company within the group. Ymens, the first Romanian cloud broker, gathers today more than 70 certified experts who cover a large range of technical and business competencies.

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Poza specialisti UAV

UAV Specialists

Our R&D team specialized in autonomous systems comprises experts in the design, development, testing and operation of unmanned aircraft systems. Some of the UAV projects developed are part of the competitiveness and innovation programme of the European Commission include a strong component of innovation and aim to create a support for c4i systems.

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Specialisti marketing si comunicare

Communication Experts

Our team of marketing and communication experts creates communication materials and implements promotional campaigns for the products and projects developed by Teamnet. However, our team of professionals is specialized in launching events and performing integrated campaigns.

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Specialisti Interoperabilitate

Interoperability Specialists

With their help, we managed to develop medical information systems, compliant with the standards of information exchange in the medical field. Thus, the eHealth solutions become interoperable, and the exchange of information between healthcare providers is easier to achieve.

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