GIS Specialists


Specialisti GISIn the past years, we focused on strenghtening our team of specialists who develop geospatial solutions throughout the country. These solutions are used in a wide variety of industries such as environment, public services, agriculture and transport. Find out more about the team of GIS specialists.

The ability of the information systems to process and manage complex data sets provided geographers, and not only, new perspectives and methods of spatial analysis. Thus, a new type of specialization in Geographic Information Systems has emerged, handled by GIS specialists.

The GIS experts use dedicated software applications, closely related to spatial data sets that enable them to undertake complex analysis (spatial and geostatistical). Subsequently, the result is shared in a readable format, as maps and / or WebGIS applications, and thus there can be overcome many challenges of the modern world often facing the need for Big Data analysis and interpretation.
The GIS department part of our group was established in 2008. It consists of professionals who have sound knowledge in the field and a rich experience with the use of the technologies specific to both the owner sector (ESRI, Snowflake, ENVI) and the open source one (GeoServer, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, QGIS, OpenLayers, OpenGeo Suite etc.). These capabilities allowed the construction in time of the strongest ecosystem of space technology in Romania.

Our GIS experts mission is to provide customized, innovative and high quality solutions, based on proven reliability products, in order to meet promptly and effectively the customer needs.

Our position is supported by a number of projects implemented at regional and national level, in areas such as: emergency situations (Single National Emergency Calls System), hydrology (Water Information Management System) or environment (Natura 2000 – Integrated management system of protected areas, SINCRON, SIM) and others.

At the 2015 Open Data Hackathon, organized by the Romanian Government and the The Coalition for Open Data, the team consisting of our GIS experts managed to rank 3rd, with the project “Fictitious Localities in Romania“.

The GIS department has also gained international recognition as a result of a developed application (Range Tool), through which the European Union member states generate and report the geospatial data on area of species and habitats distribution.