Communication Experts


Specialisti marketing si comunicareOur team of marketing and communication experts creates communication materials and implements promotional campaigns for the products and projects developed by Teamnet. However, our team of professionals is specialized in launching events and performing integrated campaigns.

In our group, there is a team of professionals in marketing and communication. First of all, they are in charge with our corporate image and, implicitly, with our projects and products.

They have different specializations, covering a wide range of activities: strategy, research, execution, content analysis and media classification, brand and product management, organization and implementation of events, content development and web design.
The portfolio of activities of the team also includes the projects developed in relation to the activities of promoting Teamnet projects and products, both on the local and regional market.

The team expertise is supported by the experience of more than 10 years of marketing and communication in IT as well as other fields . In addition, following the continuous development plan supported by the company, they are constantly developing their professional skills, permanently attending trainings of reference and conferences in the field.

Projects: the most complex team project is the project of rebranding the entire Teamnet Group. In December 2013, we made the announcement of a new brand identity in line with the business strategy of contributing to the transformation of the countries in the region through our activity and large-scale projects developed. The rebranding process started in 2012 and the implementation period extends over a period of 5 years following its launch. Throughout the project, the marketing and communication team is in charge of the implementation of the related activities and the achievement of the related communication campaigns, externally and inside the company.