Our Culture


We are the organization of today thanks to the people who are part of it. We put a lot of energy and excitement in our work together as a team in order to get successful results and we proudly represent the company which supports us.

We work and learn under Teamnet’s umbrella, we train ourselves with unexpected challenges and we enjoy our success in overcoming them; Teamnet is the place where we chose to make ourselves a career, to grow and contribute to the evolution of the society we live in.

Our values

Work Environment

We pay special attention to the work environment and atmosphere from the Teamnet offices. Our daily routine involves training our mind and creativity in perfect collaboration in the team. This is why it is important that we carry out our activity in an environment which helps us maximize our skills and interact easily with the others.

Central Headquarters in Green Gate

As of 2014, most of us meet every day in the offices in the central headquarters in the Green Gate building, in Bucharest.

The class A office project space provides us with all the facilities we need in order to deliver the Teamnet performances. Here we have large, ventilated rooms, fitted according to the highest standards and customized, depending on the specificity of each department.

Apart from offices, we also have smaller spaces, which offer a quiet setting for individual work and also teamwork spaces and relaxation spaces, including a gaming room, where we can meet at breaktime during a working day.

The entire headquarters were fitted as a space representing Teamnet, a modern and smart facility, in compliance with our philosophy focused on multitasking, improving the efficiency of energy consumption  and environmental protection.

Other Teamnet offices

Given that we are a regional company, apart from the central headquarters, we also have other offices where part of our colleagues work, alongside with us, aiming for the same performance.

Thus, in Bucharest, you can also find us in the America House building, in Piața Victoriei and in the country, you can find us in Iași, Galați and Bistrița-Năsăud; in the region we have representatives at our offices in Chișinău, Istanbul, Brussels, Belgrade and Zagreb.

We want to implement the same quality standards in all our offices, in order to provide a stimulating work environment, proper for social interactions as well as the exchange of ideas.