Energy and Utilities


We enhance the efficiency of systems and people’s level of access to modern infrastructure.

Our integrated water and sewerage systems, waste management, SCADA, automation and electrical engineering enable us to foster environmental protection and enhance the quality of public services.

Moreover, owing to the 20 years’ experience gained in large-scale engineering projects, we can provide our clients with the most comprehensive set of consulting services in the design of industrial processes and technical assistance in engineering.

Technical Support

We offer our clients services involving the analysis of economic and financial instruments, as well as support for development programmes, alongside with assistance in the design and implementation of applied programmes, and in their assessment and monitoring. Our core competencies in technical support are: drafting strategic documentation, feasibility studies and supervision of works.

Industrial Process Design

Our team of experts covers a wide range of services relating to industrial process design: process design for water systems (process design for water and sewerage systems, waste water and water treatment plants), electrical design (consulting services for design of electrical stations and installations, as well as for the efficient registration and management of electricity consumption) and civil engineering design involving the installation of technological equipment, water and waste-related works.

Implementation and Maintenance

We perform water and sewerage-related works, such as works involving the development, expansion and refurbishment of drinking water networks, water treatment and filtering systems or construction of industrial waste water treatment plants. In waste management, we develop waste transfer stations, sorting and composting facilities, compliant landfills and waste incinerators. Moreover, we provide smart automations system and information technology concepts.

Design of waste water treatment plants in Bistrița, Beclean, Salva and Sângeorz-Băi localities Client:

AquaBis Company. The services we offer in this project include actual design of the technology used in waste water treatment plants, which also involves technological flow design, sizing the equipment and the operating costs, SCADA design, automation and low / medium voltage power grids, civil engineering design (infrastructure for equipment and access roads), as well as design of water and sewerage networks and connections.


The project consisted of installing analysers to monitor the quality of the electrical energy, in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30:2008, in 15 points within the Romanian electricity transport network (which is exploited by CNTEE Transelectrica) and integrating them in the already-existing quality monitoring system. We have tried to keep the reporting components used by the Client, in order to decrease the effort to learn and exploit the solution. Therefore, we have designed, developed and implemented a server component which automatically and transparently extracts data, converts them and stores them in the central database.


The project consisted of implementing a system which monitors the quality of the electrical energy in the transformation stations belonging to E.ON Moldova Distributie S.A. The development of the system lasted three years and it comprises more than 200 monitoring points. The data related to the quality of the energy are automatically collected in the territory and then they are stored in a central database. The system provides the possibility to both vizualize and analyse the energy quality standard parameters and to investigate the recordings automatically made, in case any incidents occur within the network. Additional functionalities of energy quality synthethical reporting to the authorities have been developed and defined. At present, the system is under maintenance and it is being gradually expanded, by including the generating installations which are directly connected to the distribution network exploited by the Beneficiary in the monitorization processes.