Business Consulting

The technological solutions offered by Teamnet support the public and private organizations to optimize their working manner for the evolution of the organizational performances. We come to meet our clients with complete business consultancy services, specialized in the IT&C field. 

Aware of the fact that the implementation of an integrated system can be difficult for our clients, our consultants team offers strategic consultancy services for the optimization of the organization’s processes, management consultancy services and organizational change consultancy.

Moreover, the experience our consultants have gathered in European financing projects has made it possible for us to involve in structural funds projects. Teamnet currently has experts and collaborators that can provide consultancy and management for accessing non-refundable European funds for financing projects and programs.

Our team is made up of experts in business analysis with a relevant experience both in the industries our clients work in and in the IT field, succeeding in suggesting the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

The public and business environment awareness, the good understanding of our clients, as well as the experience acquired in far-reaching projects are our main advantages, recommending us as an important player on the business consultancy market.

Through the business consultancy services that we offer, we address the public and private organizations performing their activity in the following activity fields: public services and e-Governing, public safety, transports, environment, agriculture and health.

Among the business consultancy services we make available for our clients, we can mention:

  • Strategic consultancy. We offer analysis and strategic planning services, meant to increase the individual and organizational performance, as well as consultancy for the activities aiming at mergers and procurement, sales, marketing and corporate communication.
  • Management consultancy. We offer BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) consultancy services, clients relation management (CRM) and restructuring management, cost and procurement or supply activities reducing, aiming at the improvement of the internal resources and the increase of the organization’s financial performance.
  • Consultancy and management for accessing European funds. Full services for the drafting of financing projects from the European structural funds by drafting the necessary documentation and offering assistance throughout the entire project financing and implementation process.

EOS - IT systems evaluation and optimization for the Cadastre and Land and Cadastral Register

The project consisted in delivering consulting services for the elaboration of suggestions for the review of the IT concept and of the strategic plan for 2009-2013 as far as the IT projects are concerned, based on the information and conclusions derived from the development of the previous activities. Furthermore, we have provided consulting services for achieving a set of specific, standardized contractual clauses for the procurement of IT equipment, stationery, applications development services, communications, technical support, turnkey systems, data conversion services and data migration services.


SEN - Platform for the integration of the e-governing services in the national electronic system

The project consisted in providing assistance to the beneficiary, including active participation in the planning of the activities corresponding to the implementation of the information system, the drafting of the specific documentation for the re-imbursement requests in all stages of the project, project technical and internal financial auditing and the archiving of the project documents.


SIRENE - Consulting and analysis for SIRENE application design and outfitting with technical equipment of the SIRENE office

Within SIRENE project we have offered consulting on the management of the changes imposed by the implementation of an information system designed to create a national information exchange center between Romania and the EU Member States.


BDAPL - Designing the architecture of the information system and the structure of the economic-financial database of the local public administration

This project included consulting activities for the elaboration and design of an information national solution, consisting of information systems and database structures, which centralize financial and economic data.


National Agency for Environmental Protection


National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


International Police Cooperation Center


Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration


CANIF (Mauritania)


Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia