Project Managers


Project manageriWe invest in strenghtening our efficient project management department and we succeeded to train top specialists, always close to our customers in implementing major projects. Find out more about the team of project management specialists.

The development of the project management team is a priority for Teamnet, the group being a strategic partner with the Project Management Institute (PMI) Romania Chapter, in orderto maximize the competencies in this area of expertise.

The project management expert team consists of people with more than 10 years of experience. They represent us in front of our clients with professionalism throughout the project, keeping a close relationship between us and our partners.

In addition to a sound project management knowledge, our colleagues are familiar with areas such as application programming, database, embedded system design, client / server architecture, business analysis and more. The skills of our project management team cover a wide range of fields and areas of expertise, like complex roles that must be fulfilled within the group.

Thus, the mission of our project managers may begin with the involvement in the negotiations in a bid, and continue with project initiation and pass through all the implementation stages, ensuring quality control of deliverables, and the successful project completion in accordance with the client’s requirements.The ISO 9001 standard is the basic reference of selection for those who join our team as project managers. But our colleagues are always focused on their professional development and this is why they participate in various courses and conferences in the field, where they acquire knowledge and new certifications.

To ensure a more efficient distribution of tasks, in any project carried out within Teamnet, either internally or externally, one of the team members in charge with the project always takes up the essential role of project manager.