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Integrated Emergency Service System Icon Integrated Emergency Service System

Public Safety
Special Telecommunication Service

We coordinate emergency services at national level and enhance response actions of operational units.

We manage 1,400,000 each month. Owing to the implemented technologies, we managed to reduce the time for victim spotting on the map and we increased the response capacity of search teams within the entire territory of Romania.


  • The lack of an integrated centralized National Emergency Call System;
  • Inter-agency collaboration in case of common missions;
  • Difficulties in auditing and analyzing past causes.
  • Integrated system for the national emergency service;
  • Project Management consulting;
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Services of operational coordination for operational units (police forces, fire department, ambulance units, search and rescue teams);
  • Complete geospatial solution integrated in the GPS analysis systems concerning mobile units;
  • Supply of information on the site in action: topographical maps, land maps, aerial and satellite images, vector maps, search algorithms etc.;
  • Mobile command ad communication centrers integration;
  • Capability ti deploy UAV for data collection above the emergency area;
  • Activity log;
  • Reporting and analytics module.

Streamlining the activity of the Special Telecommunication Service related to increasing national safety:

  • Possibility to change or update data on a map;
  • Possibility to easily identify the objectives on the map: mobile units, points of interest, addresses and even intersections;
  • Possibility to design plans for the resources used during the intervention (including human resources);
  • Decision-taking system based on dedicated functions (ex: identification of the best resources), history analysis, reports, simulation functions (ex: generating an incident by another incident);
  • Open modular architecture which allows the interoperability with other similar applications;
  • Fast and easy access to Emergency Calls for any citizen;
  • Better work collaboration between emergency agencies using the integrated system;
  • Better planning of possible emergency and disaster situations.


  • Microsoft Windows;
  • Microsoft System Center;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services;
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services;
  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop;
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server;
  • Vectorial Map of Romania 1:10000;
  • Design of webGIS and mobileGIS Applications;
  • Microsoft IIS (.NET);
  • Visual Studio;
  • .NET Framework;
  • C#;
  • Silverlight;
  • SignalR;
  • ELO Document Management.