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ERIA – Extension and Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater in Argeș Country Icon ERIA Extension and Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater in Argeș Country

APA Canal 2000

The development of such a project ensures the extension and rehabilitation of the water and wastewater infrastructure, for a total number of 500 km, for 11 cities in the county of Argeș.

It is a technical assistance project, implemented by Teamnet Engineering team, by means of which we support the rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant, sewage system and potable water supply network. In order to reach this objective, we are offering a platform for regionalizing the water management system, through which we assist the regional water company to be more efficient as an organization.

  • Technical assistance with the organizational and general management issues
  • Data collection – water pipeline and sewage route system for 500 km of the existing network
  • GIS system development for the water supply and sewage networks
  • Hydraulic Modeling System Development
  • SCADA system design
  • Asset Management
  • Procurement of equipments
  • Centralized database
  • Constant database update
  • Pressure sensors, flow sensors, chlorine sensors for pipes
  • MikeUrban – hydraulic modeling software with two modules (water and sewage)
  • Prioritization of the necessary investments, using the GIS system
    Streamlining costs while reducing water loss
  • Possibility to use the entire network representation in an electronic and digital format
  • Improving the maintenance process through a more efficient management of damages
  • Setting up an office formed of staff trained by our team for GIS and hydraulic modeling