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Orizont, Integrated System for the National House of Public Pensions Icon Orizont Integrated System for the National Public Pension Fund

National Public Pension Fund

We manage the public pension and insurance system in Romania, more specifically 5,500,000 retired people, 5,600,000 insured people and 500,000 employers, streamlining management and ensuring easier access to information and benefits.

This system helps us offer electronic consulting services and information for the general public, such as career background. We can record work incidents, we allocate treatment tickets for retired people, we manage information on compulsory insurance and we create reports and statistics for the National Pension Fund.

More than 2,200 public servants are currently using the system at central level in 42 counties in Romania.

Management of social security contributions:

  • Submission of initial and corrective declarations A11, A12, D112
  • Management of contracts and social security declarations
  • Calculation of the retirement contributions up to date and issue of certificates thereof
  • Management of contributions to the 2nd pillar of pensions
  • Compulsory enforcement

Establishing pensions:

  • Retirement pensions
  • Early retirement and partly early retirement pensions
  • Survivor’s Pensions
  • Invalidity Pensions
  • Public Service Pensions
  • Indemnities
  • Social pension
  • Other rights: funeral grant

Payment of pensions, including subitting and sending payment documents
Work accidents and professional diseases
Management and distribution of holiday vouchers
Online public services:

  • Online submission of forms
  • Personal statistics – retirement contributions up to date, the status of the declarations submitted by the employer (declaraton 112), status of contributions to the 2nd pillar of pensions, retirement records etc.


  • Real-time performance indicators
  • Statistical Reports
  • Simulators


  • Alignment to EU standards and practices
  • Increasing the citizens’ degree of satisfaction in their relation with CNPP
  • Supplying a set of electronic services available online for citizens to check, request, fill in and obtain information regarding the pension and social insurance system in Romania
  • Sending information in real time to citizens regarding the status of the requests submitted
  • Reduced time for processing the requests submitted online
  • Decongesting the over-the-counter activities in the institution through the online access to documents
  • Increasing the capacity of the institution to forecast the budget allocation for pensions
  • Fast access to statistical data regarding the expenses generated by holiday vouchers, work accidents, professional diseases, invalidity pensions.


  • Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Linux, CentOS);
  • Unix (IBM-AIX, HP-UX);
  • IBM PowerVM;
  • Oracle Database;
  • Oracle WebLogic (Java).


  • IBM System X;
  • IBM Power Systems;
  • IBM System Storage;
  • Backup/Restore/Recovery.

System Integration

  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Oralce Identity and Access Management

Turnkey Development

  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle PL/SQL