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eTerra – National Estate Registry System Icon eTerra National Estate Registry System

National Land Registry and Real Estate Publicity Agency

We manage the information on the estates in Romania and their owners to provide for a better response time from institutions and to facilitate the work of notaries public.

We process 8,000 requests every day from notaries public and the National Land Registry and Real Estate Publicity Agency.

Moreover, we allocate the available resources depending on the incoming requests and we offer transparency in the invoicing services in respect of registered requests.

  • eTerra Cadastre – ArcGIS Runtime Engine customized desktop application;
  • eTerra Land Book- desktop client-server;
  • eTerra RGI – Web application;
  • eTerra Reporting.
  • Management of services applications – for each ANCPI office and for each notary public office;
  • Designation of available employees within the agency to sort out these applications;
  • Invoicing of registration forms at agencies and notary public offices.
  • Improved interaction with external professional categories (notaries, state institutions, banks etc.) by including online services;
  • Transparency in the sorting out of applications and invoicing services;
  • Enhanced information security;
  • Reduced costs for the involved staff;
  • Document processing and archiving;
  • Management and administration of applications and infrastructures;
  • Information security ensured;
  • Improved invoicing process;
  • Income management;
  • Payment management;
  • Possibility of easy identification of documents produced.

eTerra Cadastre – desktop customised application built around Runtime Engine

  • Development environment: .NET Framework 2.0;
  • Virtualization: Citrix Presentation Server 4.5;
  • GIS Core: ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.1;
  • GIS Storage: Oracle Spatial 11g + ESRI ArcSDE 9.3.1;
  • Exposure: ICA (Independent Computing Architecture).

eTerra Land Book - client-server for desktop

  • Development environment: Java EE;
  • Application server: IBM WebSphere 6.0;
  • Database: Oracle 11g;
  • Technologies: Apache™ FOP (Formatting Objects Processor), Apache PDFBox, Spring Framework, Hibernate.

eTerra RGI – web application

  • Technology: Java EE;
  • Application server: IBM WebSphere 6.0;
  • Database: Oracle 11g;
  • Technologies used: JSP (JavaServer Pages), jQuery, Hibernate.

eTerra Reporting

  • Technologies: Cognos, InfoSphere DataStage;
  • Database: Oracle 11g.