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Revisal – Work Force Management System Icon Revisal Work Force Management System

Regional Labour Inspectorate for Bucharest Municipality

We have developed the General Employee Registry which provides for the administration of details of all employees in Romania.

We manage every day over 10,000 reports input into the system by the 400,000 employers using the system.

Thus, we enable companies to submit their employee registry online through an electronic service and, implicitly, to check the status of employment contracts.


  • Implementation of an integrated information system – it communicates with the people’s record system, the National Public Pension Fund system, the National Visa system, the databases of local municipalities, the Romanian Office for Immigration and many other systems;
  • Project Management consulting;
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Customised desktop applications for the management and reporting of human resources;
  • Electronic portal for web reporting (XML format);
  • Planning and evaluation analyses;
  • Risks factors analyses;
  • Analysis of information in employment contracts at national level;
  • Reporting tool for employment inspectors and decision-making bodies in public administration;
  • Data security;
  • Data reporting;
  • Search & Business intelligence;
  • Integration & Data Migration.
  • Development of new anti-corruption tools and governmental policies;
  • Enhanced control of immigrant workers and tax evasion;
  • Enhanced governmental control over employment contracts;
  • Increased revenues to the state budget;
  • Significant mitigation of risks and improved operations;
  • Complete removal of paper documents;
  • Improved activities for employers’ reporting to State Authorities;
  • Reduced personnel costs at the Labour Inspectorate.


  • Oracle 10g şi APEX;
  • SQL Server 2000;
  • .net Framework 2.0;
  • Teamnet Framework 5.0.