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The pensions product offers modern instruments both for the computation and for the payment of pensions, and for the management of the social insurances contributions. It is an integrated and centralized system, which meets all the requirements of a “pay as you go” system.

The system includes instruments which allow the collection of necessary information from all the institutions participating in this process.

Complex functionalities

The product includes the management of the social insurances contributions, the computation and the payment of the pensions, the issuance and the sending of the payment documents, the drafting of statistic and simulation reports. The product is also optimized for the storage and processing of billions of registrations.

Reliable electronic services

The public portal offers electronic consultancy services and information for the wide public in real time, succeeding in reducing the crowdedness at the offices of the institutions. It also reduces the applications processing time.

Integration with other systems

The product is provided with a series of connectors allowing the collection of necessary information from all the institutions involved in the process, either through data exchange or in real time by using the web services.

The product has been designed using the technologies:

  • Portal – portal Liferay;
  • Business Applications – Oracle Forms&Reports;
  • Databases– Oracle databases;
  • Reporting – Oracle Business Intelligence;
  • Integration – Oracle SOA Suite;
  • Access management– Oracle Identity&Access Management;
  • Instrument for language recognition – ANTLR.

As far as the hardware architecture is concerned, the platform is an independent one.


National House of Public Pensions