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Armonia®sanita is a hospital information system successfully implemented by some of the biggest medical service providers in Romania.

With modules covering most work flows in a hospital, from patient scheduling, hospitalization and laboratory, pharmacy and even surgery management, ARMONIA®sanita contributes to higher efficiency and increased quality in healthcare services.   With the use of ARMONIA®sanita, we reduce the patients’ waiting time for tests, investigations and consultations, we increase the quality of healthcare services to western standards and we facilitate the complex reporting, specific to healthcare service providers.

Products designed for excellence in Healtcare Services

We offer modules that cover the entire work flows in hospitals and private clinics: appointments for patients, hospitalization, lab, pharmacy, OT management, ambulatory, DRG, clinic, therapy etc. With ARMONIA®sanita the medical staff collaborate for the patients’ recovery and the electronic healthcare data exchange between wards and departments becomes part of the daily routine.

Collaboration for patients’ welfare

We manage to perform fast and informed interventions in hospitals with the integration of all types of patients’ data in one single application. We centralize and offer access to doctors’ notes, images, chemotherapy referrals, lab tests and other types of data, so that all those part of the healthcare services have a clear and full perspective of the patient’s health state.

A more informed health system

We have a flexible reporting system with the help of which we can make it easier for healthcare service providers to issue the reportings in the DRG and SIUI, while obtaining management indexes for the quality and use of the healthcare services offered. As it is a suite of modules focused on the patients’ welfare, we are also offering complex analyses for patients.

ARMONIA® in Cloud– Alternative of the minimum infrastructure costs

We offer a licensing option through which we eliminate the costs with the servers and the provision of the stations with specific licenses, which can amount to 70% of the price of the solution.

We host the data in a secured data center where the patients’ information benefit from the highest physical and electronic security standards.

The applications in Armonia@sanita are successfully used in more than 300 private hospitals, 250 public hospitals, more than 280 labs and 500 operation rooms in Italy.

The ARMONIA®sanita system is implemented in Romania in several hospitals, among which the Emergency County Hospital Ploiești, the Municipal Hospital Rădăuți, the Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children ”Grigore Alexandrescu”, the Pediatric Hospital Ploiești, the City Hospital Băicoi, the Recovery Hospital Brădet, the Clinical Emergency Hospital București etc.