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Public Safety

EmerCONF is a comprehensive emergency incident management system that offers full support for receiving emergency calls and alerts, assists the operator in assessing the incident, automatically proposes the relevant emergency agencies for response and the resources needed for intervention, and facilitates resources mobilization and intervention monitoring. EmerCONF is based on the Next Generation 112 architecture (NG112), a standard developed at a European level by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA). The product is already integrating features like eCall and it is prepared to incorporate new technologies like VoIP and Social Media. Moreover, Teamnet is part of the European R&D project team, NEXES that researches the impact of new communication tools such as social media in emergency management.

● Voice & data (SMS, eCall, CAP, TSO) emergency calls in configurable inboxes;

● Multiple functions for call conferences (intrude, set call owner, mute, parked call, merge conferences, return to queue, request assistance, change conference level etc.);

● Monitoring dashboard for call operators and statistics;

● Guidance in incident handling through advices and action plans correlated with incident type;

● Support in planned medical interventions through programmed alerts and custom schedule for patients;

● Resources and crew planning on shifts;

● Proposal of adequate resources for intervention;

● Mobilization and coordination of resources;

● Intervention monitoring and real time mission status.

● Flexible, reliable and scalable emergency incident management system;

● Effective emergency management for any type of incident;

● Communications interoperability that allows communications within and across agencies via voice and data in real time;

● Support in intervention preparedness and planning;

● Comprehensive management of resources and equipment.