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We provide an integrated management system for employees, through which we streamline and automate their specific work processes, thus offering solutions for different types of users: HR specialists, managers and employees.

This solution significantly improves companies’ ability to capitalize on their employees’ skills and to align this potential with the organization’s strategic objectives.

By providing a complete automation of HR processes and ensuring data transparency, the product improves the quality of human resource management and the work efficiency by reducing the time required to retrieve and process data.

Depending on the specific role they fulfil, employees can use the product differently. For example, human resources specialists use the modules helping them in administrative and reporting activities, while employees can update their own personal information in the system, but also can follow the progress of an application or a work task assigned to them. Thus, managers have at their disposal a tool that provides an overview on the manner and the extent to which the corporate objectives are aligned with the employees’ interests and skills.


The HRM product presents an intuitive interface and easy to use by multiple types of users, with the secure access being differentiated according to roles and types of permissions. The system contains a complete database of all employees, an electronic register by which information can be easily verified, modified and processed, according to the needs of every type of user.

Benefits for employees

- Employee self-service functionalities allowing employees to access their personal file and view the information managed by the system on their personal data, work experience, occupational status, etc.;

- Filing applications and tracking the approval process;

- Following the workload with the possibility of listing all on a workflow.

Benefits for HR specialists

- Quick and easy access to desired data and processes;

- Automation of HR processes;

- Simplicity in updating the data of an employee;

- Improving working precession through Employee self-service functionalities;

- Employees’ history of from A to Z: the product allows storing all the details on an employee, from submission of CV until his departure from the organization.

Benefits for managers

- Improving the quality of HRM;

- Accurate and transparent information on the organization’s employees;

- Setting the product according to the needs of the organization;

- Preserving data history allows comparing and viewing the time evolution of the organization.

  • Java EE;
  • Framework web: Spring;
  • Object Relational Mapping: ORM Hibernate;
  • Work-flow editor: jBPM6  (BPMN 2.0 compliant);
  • Web services: WSDL, REST and SOAP;
  • Reporting: Jasper Reports, Spago BI, IBM Cognos BI;
  • Application server: IBM WebSphere, ORACLE WebLogic;
  • Web server: Apache Tomcat.

National Agency for Public Officials


Romanian Court of Accounts Central Finance and Contract Unit (CFCU) and Romanian Court of Accounts (RCA)


Government of the Republic of Moldavia through the State Chancellery and Office of Administrative Support


Ministry of Information Society and Administration in Macedonia