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Public Safety

The employees register is an instrument by means of which the authorities control and manage the relationship with the employers and the employees, nationally.

We ensure the management of the information on employees, employers, labor contracts for citizens and immigrants, according to the valid legislation and regulations and the integration with other national systems. We make offer to the authorities an instrument to diminish corruption in the field, for a centralized control, reports and statistics on the national labor force.

Centralized management of the labor force

We connect all the actors involved in the labor force management: ranging from authorities to employees, employers, inspectors etc. We thus offer an application for the labor force management, a portal for reporting, an application for labor inspection and analyses, national reports and statistics.

Control for the increase of the excellence indices

By implementing the register, we reduce the number of illegal labor contracts and tax evasion. We also improve the labor safety indices and we increase the accuracy of the reports concerning the labor contracts. The authorities now have an instrument for the analysis of the data and the fight against fraud, which communicates with national systems such as the one for the registering of the population and centralizes all the national labor contracts.

Online work and mobility

We provide availability and operation in the electronic register in any location, including in the disconnected mode from the central server, in the absence of an Internet connection. We offer the inspectors applications to intuitive mobiles, in order to increase the work efficiency and speed.

For the development of this product, the following applications are used:

  • .NetFramework 3.5;
  • The Sql 2005 Standard Edition database
  • The Windows Server 2003 Enterpriseservers operation system.

For the statistical reports the Microsoft Reporting Services are used.


Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest