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Public Safety

EmerSIM is an innovative tabletop simulation training system. It offers agencies the possibility to simulate disasters situations. EmerSIM offers the possibility to exercise and evaluate action plans, and the opportunity to evaluate the operators’ knowledge and skill level. EmerSIM works as a simulated C4IS center. It allows the selection of a predefined scenario with timed incidents and events, reports, and other simulated sources of input. In addition, it creates a realistic and accurate experience for the participant, by making use of simulated TV and radio broadcasts, social media scanning and even drone feeds. EmerSIM’s Artificial Intelligence adapts the ongoing exercise according to user’ actions. Every step is monitored, graded, and evaluated at the end in order to give agencies the necessary feedback for improvements.

● Tabletop exercises and drills;

● Artificial Intelligence-based system;

● Role based interactions among attendees;

● Messaging platform;

● Disaster scenarios with visual, audio, document and social media feeds;

● Interactive tactical map;

● Realistic resource mappings and allocations;

● Assessment against plans, timing, prioritization, resource allocation or collaboration;

● Scenario editor.

Benefits for operators:

● Gaining practical experience in an environment that emulates a real-life critical emergency;

● Using own resources and action plans in simulation;

● Increase of communication and colaboration with other operators or agencies;

● Getting feedback on areas that need improvement.

Benefits for decision makers (managers):

● Performing tabletop exercises at substantially reduces costs and efforts;

● Evaluating personnel on various criteria;

● Increasing communication and colaboration skills with other managers or agencies;

● Getting feedback on process areas or action plans that need improvement.