We started to focus on developing competencies to produce maps using geospatial systems ever since 2005. These last few years, we have consolidated the team of experts which develops geospatial solutions for the entire territory of our country. In Teamnet, our internationally acknowledged GIS experts collaborate closely with the other colleagues having expertise in other fields of activity.

The performance of our company is closely related to the innovative usage of the GIS Technology. The most important factor which highlights the Teamnet Group on the local and regional markets is the capacity of the GIS Technology to be integrated into complex projects. In more than 30 projects where we have integrated this technnology,we turned GIS into an engine for modernizing and increasing the efficiency in various industries
The GIS Technology is important mainly due to the benefits brought to our Clients.

At European level, we primarily refer to the success in aligning the Member States to the European Union standards. Teamnet has developed the tool by means of which the nature preservation status is reported to the European Commission; we hereby support the EU efforts on Environmental protection and provide the Member States with a more effective management of their efforts in this direction.
From the point of view of public institutions, the use of GIS leads to an increase in their capacity to process information in real time, so that they help citizens promptly. As a progress vector, the GIS Technology, integrated in the Teamnet projects brings significant benefits to the society, both directly – by offering the external portals developed in the projects to the citizens, and indirectly – by boosting the efficiency of the institutions.

We, at Teamnet, support public and private organizations in quickly and efficiently managing geospatial data with immediate and direct impact on the quality of life for citizens. Also, the positive effects of the GIS Technology on the society in the long run are ensured by means of the contribution brought by this technology to continuously reducing the man’s impact on the Environment.

The GIS technology is also applied in various industries – administration, transport, Environment, healthcare, agriculture and so on. The GIS maps developed by the Teamnet experts help with the management of the geospatial data collected throughout the entire Romanian territory. Based on these data, the following entities are administrated:

- More than 8,000 locations registered in various systems (from air quality monitoring stations to various – points/areas of interest – churches, schools, hospitals, highways etc.)
- More than 5,000 animal species, from more than 390 types of habitats
- All sites of importance for the community – 531
- All natural protected areas– more than 900

Our internationally-acknowledged GIS expertise, corroborated with our vast experience in operating the UAV technology, enabled us to build an efficient ecosystem which designs and manages user-friendly, easy –to-analyze and easy-to-read visual databases. We should also add here the Teamnet expertise in the cloud, both public and private, which complements this technology with availability, mobility and accessibility. Therefore, the solutions Teamnet provides are a real support in taking the right decision, in real time, when it comes to both public and private organizations.

In February 2015, our GIS experts took part in the Open Data Hackaton, where they undertook to finalize a project by means of which they would identify the fictitious localities in Romania. Thus, in only two days, we managed to identify 126 fictitious localities, which should not appear any longer on the map of Romania. These can be viewed in an interactive map application. Find out more on the project “Localitățile fictive din România”/”Fictitious Localities in Romania“., which brought the team the third place in the competition.