BPO Competencies

From consulting to auditing and maintenance, technical support and equipment rental, Teamnet provides clients with access to performance, by making their IT Outsourcing Services available. Our team of more than 80 experts fully certified for ITIL processes guarantees security, productivity and major cost effectiveness on both hardware and software.
The outstanding results we had with the projects we have implemented are corroborated by the 13 years-long experience our company has in providing best quality technical assistance and infrastructure services.

We contribute to perfecting and making systems’ performance more effective by covering the entire life cycle and infrastructure of the network required for the implementation of a project. We guarantee high protection by auto saving the data and by fully listing the company’s assets.

The infrastructure designed, implemented and managed by our experts is used, on a daily basis, by millions of people, both in Romania and abroad and it covers various fields, such as services, oil and gas, financial, environment, public safety, administration and Government, agriculture, healthcare, project management, transportation, education, energy and utilities, industry or EU funding. We provide innovative solutions which support, protect and improve the performance of the organizations which activate both in the public and the private sector.

We provide customized solutions by integrating the latest, innovative and state-of-art technologies, in order to improve our Clients’ productivity and efficiency. The solution we put forward may be easily integrated with other business solutions. Our team of IT experts is extremely cautious regarding the IT security measures and the safe data transfer. We are ready to provide support for all the technologies, both for hardware (server, storage, laptop, network) and for software (operating systems, virtualization, databases, business applications).

The extensive experience cumulated in more than 100 projects delivered so far brings us to the front of competitors and helps us identify the most efficient solution very quickly. Thus, we are able to deliver support and infrastructure projects in a very short delay.

We permanently monitor our clients’ services, through our non-stop IT operations centre, and we provide technical support via phone, e-mail, ticketing application or on field. We operate in compliance with the ISO quality, service management and information security standards.