Our main target is to change society by creating complex IT systems, which support and make organizations more efficient, while focusing on various fields of interest.

One of our priorities in reaching this target is to transform the non-accessible technology in a large- scale- approachable one, whose usage may bring added value by carrying out projects which bring a real advantage to the field which it focuses on.

Until recently, the UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) technology was available only for Government agencies of several powerful countries. Today, we came to such a point that, by means of major investments constantly focused on research&development, we have the capacity to gear up air devices with the necessary technology so that they may be able to autonomously fly for hours and to live stream images or videos.

The progress recorded during the development of this field reveals the possibility to access a technology similar to the one of the satellites, only closer to the earth, faster and much more cheaper. Nowadays, we offer Government agencies or companies which develop projects in various industries, the possibility to access in real time HD images from any part of the world, at affordable prices.
In the UAV field, our mission is to provide visual relevant materials, in the shape of orthophoto images for large land areas, 3D models of the area or live video streaming. Thus, we answer the needs of the privately-owned companies or of Governement agencies to see the Earth shell from anywhere in the world.

The advantage included in our service offer consists of the expertise of our team to use the UAV technology by integrating it in a complex information system. Such an approach, having the overview image and the necessary technical competencies to interconnect a set of image-interpretation media, and also the long-standing experience in developing projects targeting various industries makes us a trustworthy parner, ready to offer the clients innovative solutions, answering their business requirements.

Applying the UAV technology may bring significant benefits to various industries and fields of activity. These are only a few examples from the projects which our team of experts has had the opportunity to work in: Public Administration, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Land Registry, Transportation, Energy, Public Safety and National Security.
The experience of the experts part of our team on handling and improving the UAV technology enables us to provide diversified use modalities, starting from the basic product, Hirrus, aiming at further development and reaching the climax with integrated complex systems, customized to meet the specific needs of each client.