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With Megarob, we are trying to build an industrial robot able to perform highly accurate operations on medium and large industrial platforms.
As software developer, we are in charge of defining, developing and integrating on full scale all the software interfaces of the prototype, in order to build high level control design software, which includes as elements the following: the visualization interface, the robot’s programming interface, CAM solution, centering-simulation and virtual simulation functions.

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The Megarob design concept will solve the existing mechanical design and accuracy issues. Thus, the factories and the production units will have a very flexible multi-process production machine at their disposal and this implies very little investments compared to large machines whose accuracy relies on mechanical design. The result is made possible by integrating innovative elements such as:

  • Localization of the robot by means of a laser tracker integrated in the high accuracy optical system
  • More flexible geometry based on an 8 axles configuration.
  • Modular, portable system,  adjustable to various cranes
  • Production system with infrastructure which allows a crane function
  • Deviation correction Software


With Megarob, we undertake to develop a high level control system consisting of:

  • a specific accuracy correction algorithm
  • computer-assisted special production technology
  • an alignment and centering algorithm
  • a virtual medium which simulated the Environment
  • AITIIP (Spain)
  • ACCIONA (Spain)
  • CML
  • CSEM (Switzerland)
  • GH Cranes & Components (Spain)
  • Teamnet (Romania)
  • ADES (Spain)
  • LEICA  (Switzerland)
  • Espace 2001 S.A. (Luxembourg)