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HeEro2 is a project in which there were prepared and coordinated the pilot programmes previous to the implementation of the pan-European eCall service, based on the emergency dial 112. The main purpose of the project is to expand the HeERO programme to the newest members or the associated countries and to prove the scalability of the HeERO solution and expand the acceptance of the eCall service.
For three years (January 2011 to December 2013), the nine European states which are members of the HeERO 1 Consortium (Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and Sweden) recently created an interoperable and harmonized in-vehicle emergency call system.
HeERO 2 – begun on January 1st, 2013 The project is developed during a period of 2 years. Six new countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain and Turkey) joined the other 9 pilot sites of HeERO1.

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The most important strenghts the project brings on to  society:

  • eCall Pan-European Pilot  will consist of a set of both technical and non-technical recommendations as well as examples of best practices.
  • the member states involved in the implementation in the long run, after the pilot stage
  • the results can be used  by non-member states in adopting the service at a  later date.

Starting from the general objective “Expanding the HeERO programme to the newest members states or associated countries in order to prove the scalability of the HeERO solution and to expand the acceptance of the eCall service”, HeERO2 has three secondary objectives integrated in the R&D agenda of this programme:

  • Preparing the infrastructure required to achieve the ”eCall”  service interoperability at European level;
  • Stimulating the Member States’ investing into the PSAP infrastructure and the service interoperability in the perspective plans (end of 2014).
  • Encouraging the adoption on a large scale, in as many Member States as possible.
  • ITS Belgium
  • The Bulgarian Association of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS Bulgaria)
  • The Danish Transport Authority
  • HITEC Luxembourg
  • DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico)  Spain
  • Ministry of the Interior of Turkey (MOITR)