Our Values


Every day, we manage our professional activity and the way in which we interact with our colleagues and collaborators by five values which are essential to us:

Involvement iconInvolvement

We believe in getting involved in the society, which makes us more responsible and ready to take responsibility for what happens around us.

We are motivated by the idea that millions of people depend on technological transformation to make their lives and daily activities easier. This is why we undertook this major role with excitement, dedication and full availability.
Therefore, one of our key indicators measuring success is the ability to initiate and generate change in society by means of technology.

Intelligence iconIntelligence

We believe in intelligence and in the capacity to innovate.

We are determined to make things happen – this is how we always find a way to turn the impossible into potential. Where there is an obstacle, an impediment in meeting an objective, we see a challenge and we dedicate ourselves to solving the issue and overcoming this barrier.

We are convinced that only by putting our intelligence at work, using innovation, we may find and implement revolutionary, Teamnet-caliber solutions: complex in their essence, but simple for end users.


Learning iconLearning

We believe in continuous development and we are determined to always cumulate new know-how, to find out today something we didn’t know yesterday.

We constantly focus on cumulating know-how, we know that this attitude has brought us so far and we are convinced that it will take us even further. With each project we become better, more efficient and more self-confident about our potential to continuously transform the fields of activity of our clients.

Apart from the experience we cumulate in our daily work, we pay special attention  and  time to  drafting and completing  the annual development plan, supported by the company.

Evolution iconEvolution

We believe in evolution and we are persistent in pursuing it.

Evolution in society, in any field, becomes possible only by transformation.  We noticed that major changes can only be made if transformation first occurs at mentality level, which then reflects in the transformation of a system, in a way of doing things.

Therefore, we know that with perseverance we will manage to implement innovative technologies to ensure evolution in the states and regions where we are active.

Team iconTeam

We believe in the power of a united team, who is more successful and exceeds expectations by working together.

We are confident about the people in Teamnet, about the professional skills they have shown and about the team spirit which is a feature all of us share. Our team has intelligence, talent, responsibility and determination. Together we have the courage to dare for more, to see beyond the barriers of today , towards the possibilities of tomorrow. Together we can do more.

We work together, we are excited about our work and we celebrate our success together with our colleagues and clients, as a genuine team.