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Teamnet represents Romania in the European Business Awards competition

After approximately two moths of competition, the public awarded the title of National Champion to the Teamnet Group 

Bucharest, March 10th 2015 – Teamnet Group, one of the main system integrators in the region, was declared National Champion by the public of Romania at the European Business Awards. Teamnet will represent our country in the next phase of the prestigious business competition, being launched in the course for the title of European Champion of the Public, along another 31 companies of Europe, selected as a result of more than 160,000 total votes granted by the general public to these organisations.

Furthermore, the business innovation and performances have placed Teamnet in top 110 business companies in Europe and brought the group the distinction Ruban d’Honneur in the category “The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year”.

“Innovation is for Teamnet a true business model, which supports our plans of growth and investments on the regional level. The initiatives in the fields of aircrafts without pilot, management of emergency situations, in the cloud or medical domains and the endeavours of consolidating our performances have promoted Teamnet, for the second year in a row, to the top of European Business Awards finalists. We are honoured to be among the most solid 110 businesses in Europe and to represent Romania further on in the prestigious competition, reconfirming once again the importance and the potential of the local IT industry on the European level”, declared Bogdan Padiu, CEO of Teamnet Group.

Premianti Ruban D Honneur EBA 2015

For 2016, Teamnet has planned a new ambitious investment programme with a strong innovative character, in value of over 10 million euros. Among the R&D projects in which the group is involved at present we may mention HEREiAM, MITSU, StayActive or Fit4Work. Part of these projects are focused on the optimisation of autonomy and life quality of senior citizens, through certain interoperable integrated platforms, with access to varied services in the field of health care, as well as through innovating systems meant to detect and monitor the stress level correlated with the work environment. The MITSU project aims at developing a new generation of multimedia streaming systems to be used by means of Wireless networks on any device, also making the energy consumption more efficient.

Teamnet Group participates for the second year in a row in the European Business Awards, competition organised in Europe on an annual basis, with the support of the leaders in the business sphere and of the representative o the academic, political and media environment all over Europe. Currently at its ninth editions, the European Business Awards 2015/2016 attracted on the whole more than 32,000 competitors from the business environment, an increase by 33% compared to the previous edition.

“Winning the title of National Champion of the Public for Romania is an important achievement for Teamnet Group and an extraordinary opportunity for consolidating and confirming the support of partners, shareholders and of the entire team”, declared Adrian Tripp, CEO of European Business Awards.

In the final stage of the competition the public will elect by their vote the European Champion, whereas a prestigious jury, made of business leaders from Europe, representatives of the academic milieu and entrepreneurs will select the winners of the European Business Awards 2015/ 2016 for each of the 11 categories of the competition. Teamnet Group competes in the category “The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year”, along with 9 other companies from Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey, Hungary, The Netherlands, Finland and Norway.

The public can vote the company representing Romania in the international phase of European Business Awards until the 26th of April, by accessing this link.

About Teamnet:

With an experience of more than 15 years, Teamnet is one of the most important system integrators in Romania.

The group recorded a consolidated turnover of 93 million euros in 2014 and was included, for the eighth year in a row in the Deloitte regional top, in the Big 5 category.

About European Business Awards:

European Business Awards acknowledges and awards prizes for excellence and innovation. The competition is open to any company of Europe, irrespective of its size or field of activity.

The European Business Awards Programme has set three main objects on the level of the European business community:

  • It identifies examples to which the business community should aspire
  • It recognises and appreciates the success of organisations
  • It offers an active platform for debates

For further information about the European Business Awards and the winners of the title of National Champion of the Public, please access and follow the official page of the competition on Twitter @rsmEBA.