PMI Monthly Meeting Hosted by Teamnet

Teamnet hosted the event PMI Romania Monthly Meeting organized in Bucharest, on 24th of June, at the new business office Green Gate. The meeting reunited more than 60 participants, passionate about project management and represented an important step in consolidating Teamnet’s position as a strong player on the Project Management service market.

The event, organized on a monthly basis, following the initiative of PMI Romania Chapter in different locations in Bucharest and in the country, is addressed to all companies and persons interested in debating issues, solutions as well as innovations in the project management field, becoming involved in developing the Project Manager position.

The title of this edition hosted by Teamnet was “A new perspective on customer satisfaction” generated a lively discussion among participants offering them the oportunity to interact and share their experiences in relation with their clients and in project management.

Lucian Nănău, Head of Project Management in Teamnet Group showed a project’s recipe for success, underlining that in the company, a large team of project managers handle more than 60 complex projects. For the success of each project planning is necessary as well as an efficient resource allocation and above all, knowledge about clients in order to exceed their expectations. Aceasta este adevărata și completa rețetă a succesului unui proiect. This is our recipe, in Teamnet: working with clients”, declared Lucian Nănău.

An original perspective on client satisfaction in projects, including the metaphor “to dance or not to dance…with the customer”, was presented by Ermil-Mihai Diaconescu, Project Division Director in Teamnet Group. The connection between tango-project-client satisfaction was innovative triggering a productive dialogue in the discussion panel. Many valuable ideas resulted after the debates, including extremely interesting topics, such as: communication strategies in the relationship with clients, the level of client involvement in project development or tools of measuring client satisfaction.

Since 2010 until now, the Project Management department in Teamnet Group developed many projects in various areas of expertise. public safety, environment, transportation, agriculture, public services and governance, health, energy and utilities are just some of the industries in which Teamnet specialists are developing large-scale projects leading to the development of society and increasing client competitiveness.

With a broad expericene of 13 years in IT&C project implementation, business consultancy and project management, Teamnet has more than 600 employees and a turnover of 71 milion euro at the end of 2013.