More than 30 academic representatives benefitted from the ISWA Summer School 2014 courses with the support of Teamnet Engineering

Teamnet Engineering, Teamnet Group’s engineering division, offered its support in the develpment of skills in waste management by taking part in the “SUMMER SCHOOL – ISWA 2014”, the first Summer School in Eastern Europe organized in this field.

poza-articol-summer-school“SUMMER SCHOOL – ISWA 2014” took place between 18 and 29th of August in Cluj-Napoca and it was organized by ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) in partnership with the Romanian Sanitation Association and the Technical University of Cluj – Napoca. Teamnet Engineering played an active part in this programme, holding courses on various topics, such as waste disposal units and municipal waste management in Romania.

The topic of the third edition of ISWA Summer School 2014 was „Material and energetic recovery of municipal waste in emerging countries”. This year’s edition gathered more than 30 university and master’s students, researchers, professors, post-graduates as well as experts from Germany, Austria, Finland, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Ukraine, Oman, India, Estonia and Romania.

The entire event took place at the Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering, with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the participants having the oportunity to attend complex classes held by professional lectors in the field of environmental protection. For two weeks, they participated in debates on current major topics in the field of sustainable management of waste, among which: collection and transport, transfer stations, sorting plants, biodegradable waste treatment as well as waste storage. The courses also focused on technical elements and economic and environmental scenarios specific to the recycling activities.

From Teamnet Engineering, the courses were held by Mihai Gabriel Ghinea and Luminița Gabriela Atudorei, PhD, both Environmental Experts in Teamnet.

The Summer School ended with the presentation of several waste management projects to the participants and with the organization of technical and touristic visits to Eco Bihor-Oradea and Turda Salt Mine.