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ZF Digital

ZF Digital_2October 22nd-23rd, 2013

Innovations in the digital field are a challenge for companies. ZF Digital is an annual event aims at discussing innovation in the context of the need of more and more companies to optimize operations and increase productivity under pressure from the economic environment and the current opportunities for growth. The event brought in discussion methods to finance and promote innovation, markers to measure innovation and methods to turn innovation into performance. The pressures of the economic environment keep increasing and the opportunities to create value are more and more desired, so how and where do companies search for innovative solutions to grow?

The CEO of Ymens took part in the discussion panel entitled Cloud, Hosting & Online Security and delivered a presentation on the trends in the cloud industry and on the advantages of using cloud technology in the Romanian business environment. At the same time, he spoke about the perception and approach of companies on cloud technology. The speech pointed out that cloud solutions are necessary both for SMEs and also for large companies and the public sector. You can find further information on the event here.