Research & Development


The NEXES Research and Innovation Action aims to research, test and validate the promising integration of IP-based communication technologies and interoperability within the next generation emergency services, so that they attain increased effectiveness and performance.

NEXES offers support for the EU objectives to develop a universal system for the management of emergency services at European level. The project will manage the exploitation of broad communication and location information systems in order to offer citizens next-generation services, at highest standards, for a safer society.


NEXES aims to innovate the emergency services in Europe, through the research and development of advanced IP-based communication systems and technologies. Therefore, the European project which will be implemented between 2015 and 2018, aims to enable the integrated communication in emergency situations, including channels such as social media, the exploitation of location information systems to rapidly and effectively identify and locate emergency situations and the increase of the interoperability of IT emergency systems at European level.

  • Develop & Integrate IP-enabled Communications Towards Next Generation Emergency Services;
  • Develop Innovative Emergency Apps;
  • Develop the NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework;
  • Incorporate Existing ICT Solutions and Standardization Efforts in NEXES to Promote Interoperability;
  • Develop Campaigns of Demonstration and Wide Dissemination Reach Across Europe and Beyond.
  • RINICOM Limited, United Kingdom;
  • Ambulance and Emergency Physicians Association, Turkey;
  • Aimtech Consulting Limited, United Kingdom;
  • Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza, Italy;
  • Ministero Dell’interno, Italy;
  • Deveryware, France;
  • European Union of the Deaf, Belgium;
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece;
  • Insta DefSec Oy, Finland;
  • Omnitor AB, Sweden;
  • Orange Romania, Romania;
  • Police University College, Finland;
  • Préfecture de Police, France;
  • Teamnet International, Romania  ;
  • Telekom Slovenije d.d., Slovenia;
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.