Research & Development


With the MUROS (Multisensor Robot System for Aerial Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure) project, we come forward with a surveillance and monitoring system provided with unmanned aerial platforms for monitoring, preventing and reducing the effects of the incidents with impact on the critical infrastructure, such as oil transportation pipelines, railways, electric-power transmission or highways.

Our partner in the project is the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest; the programme runs within the Research, Development and Innovation Programme – Space Technology Advanced Research – STAR programme, coordinated by the Romanian Space Agency.

The activities developed within this R&D project contribute to the scientific value of the project at various levels:

  • MUROS  is the configuration of an experimental model for monitoring and securing the critical infrastructure;
  • The product is adapted to the research requirements of ESA (European Space Agency);
  • Educational and demonstrative activities are initiated and carried out with the purpose of multidisciplinary training for the experts in relevant fields such as UAV, sensors, sensors networks, advanced data processing algorithms etc.
  • The development, at national level, of the necessary elements for sustaining the material and human resources required on the long run for the space exploration activities.

For the design of such a multisensor robot system we have a few specific objectives set:

  • Defining a flexible robot system architecture;
  • Defining the analysis, control, procurement and data processing algorithms in order to integrate them into the system;
  • Designing, building, testing and validating the UAV prototype;
  • Creating, testing and validating the fixed network for UAV control and data acquisition;
  • Testing the functionalities of the robot system in specific contexts, in order to provide monitoring services in various fields:
    • Simulation for road surveillance and monitoring;
    • Simulation for oil pipeline transportation surveillance.