Research & Development

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The Mobile Sage enables elderly people to carry out and solve daily tasks and issues of the current society, by means of context-dependent, localization-dependent and customized tools. The system provides elderly people with customized tools for the use of new technologies.

The MobileSage Services contribute to facilitating the understanding of new day-to-day devices and to increasing the independence of the end users. They are offered support in order to enjoy the self-services of the new technology era.
Also, the system will make it easier for the family members, carers and secondary end users to fulfill their tasks, given that the main user will have the possibility to solve the daily challenges independently.


The project suggests involving the users within the pilot programmes throughout the entire development process and provides:

  • an assistance-upon-request service through a Smartphone application
  • relevant content, easy to understand and which can be used upon request
  • customized multimodal guidelines and instructions


  • The Computing Centre – Norway
  • Seniornett Norway
  • Teamnet
  • Ulster University – UK
  • Ingeneria & Soluciones Informaticas (ISOIN)- Spain
  • Telefonica Investigación y Desarrollo (TID) – Spain
  • Ruter AS- Norway
  • Fundación OVSI – Spain
  • Ana Aslan International Foundation – Romania