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KRAKEN is a project which aim is to integrate manufacturing technologies to develop the most accurate and the biggest subtractive and additive device in the world.

KRAKEN concept was born after November 2015 and it is a successful finalization of MEGAROB project, a R&D project funded under H2020 framework programme. KRAKEN will develop a disruptive hybrid manufacturing concept to equip SME and large industries with affordable all-in-one machine for the customized design, production/reparation and quality control of functional parts (made in aluminum, thermoset or both materials combined from 0,1m till 20m) through subtractive and novel additive technologies in vast working areas without floor space requirements.

Teamnet, is a member of the KRAKEN project where it leads WP 5, related to the Software development Overall, the company’s main contributions will be in the area of High Level Software development and integration.

The integration of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF (Degrees of Freedom) real time control, complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by an innovative CAM software, will make KRAKEN the largest 3D printer in the world, for metal and non-metallic materials, printing high performance industrial products up to 20 meters long, with largely improved accuracy and quality of a final product.

  • Developing a high rate deposition (10kg/h for aluminium) technology for metal additive manufacturing on large areas:
  • Manufacturing products made of combined materials (metal + non-metal)
  • Design and development of an automatic controlling for the hybrid production 20% decrease in work in progress time
  • Design and development of high level software including CAM system adapted for novel hybrid manufacturing decreasing by 20% the required design time:
  • Integration, validation and demonstration of the all-in-one KRAKEN machine


  • Acciona – Spain
  •  Vero Software – United Kingdom;
  •  Leica Geosystems – Switzerland;
  • CSEM – Switzerland;
  •  Pininfarina – Italy;
  • Vision Business Consultants – Greece
  •  Autonomous Systems – Romania;
  • Centro Richerche FIAT – Italy;
  • CECIMO – Belgium;
  •  Espace 2001 SA – Luxembourg;
  • Alchemie Ltd – United Kingdom;
  •  Arasol – Spain;
  •  TWI – United Kingdom;
  •  Teamnet World Professional Services – Romania.