Research & Development


With HEREiAM we contribute to the design of an interoperable platform for self-care, online networking and the management of daily activities at home, in order to support the elders.
Our solution consists of an integrated, smart platform, which gives the elders direct access to certain services and information with the help of the TV set they have at home.

Project Website:

The main idea which lies at the core of the project is to turn the TV set- a device which people aged 50+ use on a daily basis – into a smart device with helpful functions, which can support the users in their daily self-care and networking activities.

With HEREiAM we are configuring an integrated system,  for communication, interaction and  self-control, especially designed to be user-friendly for the elderly.

  • Università degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy, UNICA)
  • Dedalus SpA (Italy,DEDALUS)
  • Smart Homes (Netherlands, SMH)
  • Teamnet (Romania)
  • GOW Welfare (Netherlands, GOW)
  • Skylogic SpA (Italy)
  • Comune di Cagliari (Italy, Cagliari)