Research & Development

CLOUD developing a cloud computing platform Icon CLOUD developing a cloud computing platform

In this R&D project, we focused on advanced research for the performance improvement of the IT services. To this purpose, we developed a very scalable platform and system based on Cloud Computing. Two software applications (payroll and condominium management) were ported to the platform developed in the project; these applications will be available for 1 year online for free to 50 small and medium enterprises and 5 lodgers associations which do not possess a proper IT infrastructure.

The innovative feauture of the system consisted in the fact that it did not coerce the users to store data on their own servers, because they could be accessed online, from a network of data centers. Thus, users did not have to worry about data storage space and the needs of performant configurations which need constant upgrades.

With this project, one of our main goals was to support the R&D activities and to increase the performance of Romanian researchers at international level, thus:

  • Developing the scientific research activity in a domain of IT&C- Cloud Computing- which finds itself at an initial stage of development worldwide and not yet developed in Romania, thus contributing to the development of a worldwide stock of knowledge and to the increase of the international and, especially European visibility of the Romanian scientific research;
  • Stimulating the high- performance scientific research activity in IT&C and communications in Bucharest-Ilfov County;
  • Modernizing and developing the research-development-innovation capacity of the company.

At the same time, the project also has practical applicability, since it enhances the management activities from two divergent work environments:

  • We suggest the Romanian SMEs to use a payroll tool (the WAGE application), which is competitive from the point of view of quality and costs and is user-friendly;
  •  We suggest the lodgers associations to use a useful and cheap product, which should make communication with the flat owners easier and should also facilitate their specific activities.